Plant Activities for Kids

Are you looking for simple plant activities for kids? This list of plant activities is going to give your kids so many fun things to do! You’re going to love having so many fun plant options and activities for kids to do and learn!

If you love these simple activities, make certain to check out our Parts of a Plant for Kids as well!

I don’t think that you can ever have too many fun activities on hand for the kids. This list of fun plant activities is a great way to keep them busy while also being creative. The best part about this list is that you can work your way through them all!

The more plant activities that you can do with the kids, the better! And this list is full of awesome and unique ideas! Be certain to check them all out and plan them out for the kids.

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Since the summer months are here, it’s a great time to learn about all things plants! The kids will love having a fun time doing all of these great printables. The good part is that a lot of them they’ll be able to sit down and work on their very own, too.

You can use these as fun activities for the kids or as a great way to supplement their learning during the summer months as well.

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Plant Books for Kids

Don’t forget to get all the plant books, too! Even though there is a ton of plant printables listed below, your kid will love having a bunch of plant books to work through as well! I think that this simple list of book ideas is perfect to have on hand.

Some of these books are about facts while others dive into fun stories. I love sitting with the kids while they’re reading and looking at the beautiful illustrations as well.

I tend to use books a lot in our learning at home because each book offers a unique and new approach to learning. I think that as long as you have books at home, the kids are really more likely to pick up books to sit down and read.

Here are some of our favorite plant books for kids! (and adults!)

Plant Books for Kids

Encourage reading with your kids as they go through the list of these interesting plant books! It’s a perfect collection of reading materials for your young ones who are fond of everything about plants.

Books About Plants for Preschoolers

These Books About Plants for Preschoolers have so many wonderful options that can be both educational and fun. Perfect for Earth Day or your homeschool plant life cycle lesson!

Plant Books for Kindergarten

Reading books provides a ton of benefits for children. Here is a list of plant books for kindergarten that you can get for your kids so that they can start reading and learning about the beautiful world of plants! A great activity to encourage them to take care of our planet!

The Great Garden EscapeThe Great Garden EscapeLola Plants a Garden (Lola Reads)Lola Plants a Garden (Lola Reads)Plant Life Cycles (A True Book: Incredible Plants!) (A True Book (Relaunch))Plant Life Cycles (A True Book: Incredible Plants!) (A True Book (Relaunch))Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (DK Our World in Pictures)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (DK Our World in Pictures)Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: (Nature Book for Kids, Gardening and Vegetable Planting, Outdoor Nature Book) (Over and Under)Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: (Nature Book for Kids, Gardening and Vegetable Planting, Outdoor Nature Book) (Over and Under)National Geographic Readers: Seed to PlantNational Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant


Plant Activities for Kids

You’ll find that all of these plant activities work so well together! Once you start one, you’re going to want to keep going!

Use these as a fun way to build on their learning each and every day. They can even do multiple in a day if they really get on a roll!

Plant Cell Coloring Worksheet

This plant cell worksheet is so helpful in getting the kids to learn all about the various parts of a plant.

Plant Cell Craft

With some imagination, you can make an eye-catching model as you learn more about one of the most important parts of any living thing with this Plant Cell Craft!

Plant Parts Coloring Pages

These Plant Parts Coloring Pages are educational, simple, and easy to understand, making them perfect for your homeschool biology lessons.

Plant and Botany Activities for Kids

Use these worksheets to find fun ways to teach kids different activities that are all about plants.

Parts of a Plant for Kids

Has your child expressed interest in learning all about the parts of the plant? Use these printables as a simple way to help!

Parts of a Strawberry Plant Worksheet

Discover the wonders of nature with my printable Parts of a Strawberry Plant Worksheet for kids, designed to enhance their understanding of plant biology while improving their observational and analytical skills.

Plant Life Cycle Worksheets

Teach the kids all about the life cycle of a plant. These worksheets can help!

Gardening Books for Preschoolers

Aside from going outdoors and doing actual planting, you preschoolers will surely fall in love with these gardening-themed books too!

Plant Life Cycle Coloring Pages

With these Plant Life Cycle Coloring Pages, your kids will have tons of fun while learning all about plants during their homeschool botany lesson!

Plant Coloring Pages

Nurture a little gardener’s love for nature with my Plant Coloring Pages, where each stroke of color brings to life the magic and beauty of the plant world!

Plants Worksheet for Kindergarten

Help your little botanists understand more about plants, what it needs to grow and more!

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Plant Games for Kids

Learning about plants doesn’t have to be boring. Gather the kids and play plant-themed games!

Plant Science Experiments

I bet your kids will love these awesome experiments about plants.

Plant Growing Kits for Kids

Planning to buy some plant-growing kits for kids? Check out this list I’ve prepared for homeschooling moms like you!

Plant Activities for Preschoolers

These Plant Activities for Preschoolers are an ideal way to cultivate curiosity, foster creativity, and promote an appreciation for nature in little minds so try these activities now!

Plant Activities for Kindergarten

These Plant Activities for Kindergarten can be a fun way to engage your kids with the natural world while homeschooling!

Plant Activities for Elementary Students

Try out these Plant Activities for Elementary Students and help the kids have a better understanding of the world!

Plant Toys for Kids

Don’t forget to add some plant toys for kids. This list of toys for kids is great for imaginative play and will have them wanting to explore and create.

Another great idea to help them learn about plants is to have them create their own space for gardens and plants. This will teach them responsibility and all about caring for plants as well.

We use these toys in our learning classroom but these would actually be really cool for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, too.

ReGrow Science Kit for Kids 8+ - Replant Simple Ingredients to Generate New Plants!ReGrow Science Kit for Kids 8+ – Replant Simple Ingredients to Generate New Plants!BRETOYIN 16PCS Life Cycle of Bee Figurines Plant Toy Flower Toys Set for Toddlers Age 3+BRETOYIN 16PCS Life Cycle of Bee Figurines Plant Toy Flower Toys Set for Toddlers Age 3+Play22 Kids Gardening Tool Set 12 PCSPlay22 Kids Gardening Tool Set 12 PCSPairPear Flower Garden Toy Playset,Toddlers Wooden Toys Play Food Set for Girls Boys 3 Years and UpPairPear Flower Garden Toy Playset,Toddlers Wooden Toys Play Food Set for Girls Boys 3 Years and UpMontessori Children Wood Plant Education ToyMontessori Children Wood Plant Education ToyPlant Anatomy Science Puzzle Set from MudpuppyPlant Anatomy Science Puzzle Set from Mudpuppy


Gardening Gifts for 10 year Olds

These Gardening Gifts for 10 year Olds are great for homeschooling moms to get their kids to love the outdoors! They’ll learn about nature, responsibility, and even get a taste of sustainability.

Flower Activities for Kids

Don’t forget to use this time to have the kids work on fun flower activities as well. Plants and flowers might be very similar but there are some differences as well.

Felt Flowers Craft

This is a great craft for the kids. They can also use this to work on their fine motor activities, too. It’s also super for hand-eye coordination as well.

How to Plant Flowers with Your Kids

This is a simple tutorial to talk about planting flowers with your kids. You’ll love learning how you and the kid can plant a garden that may actually grow some flowers and plants.

Parts of a Flower Worksheet

Learning the parts of a flower is super simple with this easy worksheet.

Plants Worksheet for Kindergarten

This Plants Worksheet for Kindergarten is jam-packed with interactive activities that teach kids all about plants.

Spring Flower Preschool Printables

Make certain to print off these preschool printables to help with your little one’s learning.

Flower Books for Kids

You know that I’m all about books! Use this list of books about flowers as a great way to help your kids read more and learn at the same time. You can easily use these flower books as a fun way to swap them out with the plant books listed above. You can never have too many books in the house!

Flower Activities for Preschoolers

Here are even more fun flower activities for kids! They’re going to love them all.

Flower Toddler Activities

While these are geared toward toddlers, anyone can have fun and join! So many cute ideas for the kids to do!

Toddler Boredom Buster with Cups and Flowers

Keep your young ones entertained while encouraging their curiosity and explorations with this cool and fun cups and flowers activity.

Flower Sensory Soup

The curious little hands of your child will enjoy playing with this activity as you encourage their motor skills as well as improve their language with this flower sensory soup.

How to Create Braided Flower Bracelets

Check out this fun post and have fun making braided flower bracelets with your young ones!

images of plant activities for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Painting Activity

What’s a fun and better way to enjoy an activity with your kids? Not having to worry about the materials needed! This super simple supply can be turned into an art activity with your little ones.

Flower Science Experiments

Your future botanists will surely have fun making science experiments about their favorite botany topic— flowers!

Flower Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are great for improving your homeschooler’s motor skills as well as their problem-solving skills and creativity. Develop all these with your child while having fun with these flower sensory activities.

Printable Flower Lacing Cards

As you can see, these plant activities for kids are so much fun to do! The kids are going to have a blast creating, reading, and learning all about plants.

From the plant printables to the flower printables, they’re certain to learn a lot of great information. The best part? They can be used over and over again to supplement at your own pace.

Apple Activities for Kids

Apple Life Cycle Worksheets

These are the perfect worksheets for fall! Learn all about the life cycle of an apple.

Apple Life Cycle Coloring Pages

These apple coloring pages will surely bring out your kid’s creativity!

Apple Activities for Preschool

Do you have an early learner that is interested in plants? Use these fun apple activities to help them learn!

Apple Activities for Kindergarten

If your kindergarteners can’t help themselves but ask for plant activities from you, check out these fun apple activities which will keep them occupied throughout the day.

Red Apple-Scented Slime Recipe

Increase your child’s ability to pay attention by creating this delicious-smelling apple-scented slime with your young ones and you can let them play with it afterward.

Pumpkin Activities for Kids

Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheets

These worksheets are all about pumpkins! Perfect for fall learning and getting geared up for Halloween fun as well!

Bubbling Pumpkin Experiment

This fun bubbling pumpkin experiment is so much fun for the kids. This is a great way to show them an experiment that is all about messy play. The best part about doing this pumpkin experiment is that it’s a ton of fun for fall.

Nail Polish Pumpkin Craft

If you’re looking for a fun pumpkin activity for the kids, don’t miss out on this. It’s a simple way to combine creativity and art, all into one.

Pumpkin Preschool Printables

Your kids will fall in love with plants even more with these fun and interactive pumpkin printables suited for your preschoolers at home.

Fall Tree Pumpkin Seed Painting Craft

Let your kids celebrate fall with this easy-to-do and super enjoyable fall tree pumpkin seed painting craft!

Pumpkin Worksheets

Keep your little botanists busy with these educational worksheets that are pumpkin-themed!

Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Page

Boost your kid’s creativity and love for colors with these amazing pumpkin life cycle coloring pages.

Your young botanists will surely have the best time during their science lessons as they go through each of these plant-themed activities that are not just about having but also about learning and improving young skills!

More Plant Activities

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft

If you are looking for an easy craft to do, you better try this watermelon craft for kids!

Preschool Plant Worksheets

These Preschool Plant Worksheets invite curious young minds to explore the fascinating world of plants, fostering a love for nature and science through engaging activities and illustrations.

Fun Flower Activities for Kids

Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids

Sunflower Life Cycle Worksheet

Plant a Seed Jar by STEAMsational

How to Make a 3D Flower Model with Parts by STEAMsational

Nonfiction Books About Flowers by Homeschool Preschool

A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening With Kids by Messy Motherhood

Kid-Made Garden Signs by The Educator’s Spin On It

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