Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Fall is in the air and that means one thing – pumpkin spice everything! Then you need to grab these pumpkin life cycle coloring pages for your kids.

What’s not to love about pumpkins? They’re cute, they’re festive, and they make delicious pies. But did you know that pumpkins go through a life cycle just like other plants?

I’ve got coloring pages for the pumpkin life cycle so your little one can learn all about each stage. The best part is that the pages are printable, so you can keep them handy and color them in whenever you want. Your kids will love learning about pumpkins while they have some fun coloring these pages.

If you love these printables, check this list of Pumpkin Activities for Kids for more fun and educational activities like this.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Pages

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The Pumpkin Life Cycle

Did you know that pumpkins have a life cycle? It’s true!

Pumpkins start out as a tiny seed. With some sun, water and love, they grow into beautiful flowers. Once the flower is pollinated, the pumpkin begins to grow. As it matures, the pumpkin changes color from green to orange. When it is fully grown, the pumpkin is ready to be picked!

Pumpkins are so much fun to grow and they make a great fall decoration. Why not try growing your own pumpkin this year?

You can even print out my pumpkin life cycle coloring pages to help you learn about the different stages of a pumpkin’s life. Growing pumpkins is a great way to teach kids about nature and the wonderful life cycles of plants.

So get out there and have some fun with pumpkins!

If you want more activities like this, make sure to see my list of fun Pumpkin Activities for Kids.

Coloring Pages Supplies

  • Printer (I have this one)
  • Paper
  • Crayons or other coloring materials
  • Pen or Pencil

I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s still running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Recommended Pumpkin Books for Kids

These books are perfect for fall. Kids will love stories about growing, talking, or rolling pumpkins. Not only they are entertaining but educational, too!

Too Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsSeed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie (Picture the Seasons)Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie (Picture the Seasons)The Ugly PumpkinThe Ugly PumpkinThe Roll-Away Pumpkin: A Wonderful & Whimsical Book for Kids! Perfect for the Fall or Autumn Season, Halloween, & Thanksgiving!The Roll-Away Pumpkin: A Wonderful & Whimsical Book for Kids! Perfect for the Fall or Autumn Season, Halloween, & Thanksgiving!How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?Pumpkin JackPumpkin Jack


Do your kids love reading books but just don’t have the time to read them all yourself? Grab an Audible subscription to find amazing audiobooks that your kids can listen to on their own. You can get up to two free audiobooks when you sign up for the first time.

If audiobooks aren’t you’re thing, see what cool books you can find on Kindle and your kids will have a huge library ready at their fingertips.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Recommended Pumpkin Activity Kits

Get these pumpkin activity kits for a fun Homeschool Pumpkin/Halloween lesson.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Pumpkin Life Cycle

Discover how a pumpkin seed grows into a full-grown pumpkin with this learning pack.

Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

Grab this activity kit for a more hands-on activity about pumpkins.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Pages

Fun Pumpkin Activities

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather. And what better way to do that than by spending some time with pumpkins? Here are a few fun pumpkin activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Fall is the best time to visit a pumpkin patch. Many farms open their gates to the public, offering a fun and educational experience. You can learn about how pumpkins are grown, pick your own pumpkin straight from the vine, and even take a hayride. Most pumpkin patches also have other fun activities like corn mazes and petting zoos.

Carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a fun activity for all ages. Just grab a carving kit (or use a sharp knife and stencil), and let your creativity flow. Not only is carving pumpkins fun, but it’s also a great way to bond with family and friends. And when you’re finished, you can put your carved pumpkin out on the porch to show off your hard work.

Baking with pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving. They’re also delicious! There are tons of recipes out there for fall-themed treats like pumpkin pies, cookies, and breads. Baking with pumpkins is also a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. Just make sure to supervise them closely with any sharp tools or hot ovens.

Pumpkin painting

If carving isn’t your thing, you can always try painting pumpkins instead (like this nail polish pumpkin idea). This activity is great for kids who want to get creative without having to use any sharp tools. All you need is some paint, brushes, and your imagination. You can even turn it into a contest to see who can paint the most creative pumpkin design.

No matter how you choose to spend your time with pumpkins this season, just remember to have fun!

Download the Pumpkin Life Cycle Coloring Pages below

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and coloring page activity! Learning about pumpkins is a great way to celebrate Fall and get your child excited for all the fun that this season has to offer. Happy Fall!

If you have a preschooler and are looking for more science printables to get your child engaged while learning, check out my list of Science Worksheets for Preschoolers!

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