Eat a Rainbow Worksheets

Teaching kids healthy habits remains one of the harder things for parents to do. So let’s make it more fun with these colorful Eat a Rainbow worksheets. You can teach your child about how and why to make healthy food choices, by using the colors of the rainbow to guide them.

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Since we all know we need to eat our fruits and vegetables, making it a game to choose one from each color will encourage kids to enjoy their food and stay healthy too!

No one fruit or vegetable has all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy. By eating a range of colorful fruits and veggies, kids (and parents) can get all the chronic disease-busting, energy-producing, delicious nutrients we need.

And since we really do need to eat more of them than most of us actually eat, using the rainbow as a guide will help make sure our kids, and ourselves, get enough.

Eat a Rainbow Worksheets

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Eat a Rainbow Worksheets Supplies

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These eat a rainbow worksheets include fact sheets, guides, and trackers to help you complete the rainbow every day. Use the grocery list and daily trackers to help your kids brainstorm and choose their fruit and vegetable servings. The more you involve them, the more likely they’ll be excited about eating healthy.

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Eat a Rainbow Worksheets

You can also use these Eat a Rainbow worksheets to trigger conversations on food groups too. Fruits and vegetables are just one of the food groups, with grains, protein, and dairy being the others. This worksheet pack is a part of a great study on nutrition!

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What is the I can eat a rainbow about?

Eating a rainbow means eating a fruit or vegetable from each of the main colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. Since there aren’t a lot of true blue foods, we tend to include the “blue” foods with the purple ones, and add in white vegetables too!

Each separate color of fruits and vegetables offers a different nutritional benefit, which is why eating from all of them will give you a complete spectrum of healthy eating.

Eat a Rainbow Worksheets

For example, red fruits and vegetables include vegetables like red peppers, tomatoes, and red cabbage, and fruits like red grapes, pomegranates and watermelon. Red foods are good for the heart, full of things like lycopene and hesperidins. They help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. And the vitamins E and A are also found in red foods, which are good for fighting diseases like the common cold!

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Eat a Rainbow Worksheets

You know that one of the best ways to help your kids eat their veggies is to eat them yourself! Model what you want your kids to do, because more is caught than taught. The more we treat eating fruits and vegetables as normal and expected, the more our kids will follow us, and the less fuss and fight we’ll have.

So if you aren’t a huge fan yourself, use these fun Eat a Rainbow worksheets to get yourself excited about eating your fruits and vegetables, as well as the kids. And when you use a rainbow of foods, you aren’t stuck with the same old boring ones.

Now you can branch out and try a few exotic fruits, like passionfruit, mango or kiwi, and maybe some of the really odd vegetables, like fiddleheads, lotus root or dragon carrots (which are purple!!)

What’s included in the Eat a Rainbow Worksheets?

Eat a Rainbow Facts

The first two pages provide interesting and valuable facts about the benefits of including a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. It emphasizes the importance of each color group and how they contribute to your overall health.

Fruits and Vegetables Color Sorting Activity

This hands-on activity helps children become familiar with the different colors of fruits and vegetables. By cutting and pasting them in the rainbow, they will also learn how to sort and categorize different food groups.

Eat the Rainbow

This activity encourages children to eat a diverse range of fruits and vegetables by challenging them to choose at least one colorful option from each color group every day. It promotes a healthy and balanced diet that will benefit their overall health.

Colorful Grocery List

A printable that will help children plan their meals and grocery shopping efficiently according to the colors of fruits and vegetables. By doing so, they will be more likely to include a full range of colors in their diets, resulting in a more nutritious and balanced diet.

Eat a Rainbow Coloring Page

This coloring page is not only fun, but it also reinforces learning about the colors and types of fruits and vegetables. It is a great way for children to develop their art skills while also learning about healthy eating.

Eat a Rainbow Everyday Tracker

If you want a fun and engaging way for your kids to track their progress in eating different fruits and vegetables every day, you need this printable tracker! It helps build a healthy habit and also serves as a record to note which colors may need more attention.

Color Your Plate

This page further reinforces the benefits of each color group and encourages children to continue to eat a diverse range of fruits and vegetables. By coloring and tracking the foods they have eaten, children can see the progress in their healthy eating habits.

Eat a Rainbow Worksheets

Start your kids on the road to healthy eating with these Eat a Rainbow worksheets. Get them excited about trying new foods as you challenge them to eat a rainbow every day. And add a little color to your own diet too!

Download the Eat a Rainbow Worksheets below

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