Health Worksheets for Kids

Are your kids wondering why they have to wash their hands so often? Do they want to know how they get sick? Stay tuned for a cool collection of health worksheets for kids.

For the next 10 days, you’ll get a new health worksheet to teach your kids about how important it is to take care of their body.

We’re going to learn all about bacteria, viruses, exercise, healthy eating habits, healthy habits, water safety and more so stay tuned.

The first worksheet teaches you why you need to wash those hands. Grab the personal hygiene worksheets.

Learn how to pick out health and junk food with this simple healthy and unhealthy food sorting worksheet.

Get to know the parts of a tooth and make sure you are brushing every day with these dental health worksheets for kids.

Get active with these fun Yoga Poses Printables for Kids to get your body moving in a safe and easy way, get stretching!

Printable yoga poses cards for kids

Want to learn more about germs? Grab these helpful Fighting Germs Printable Cards for more information about germs, what they are and how they can help and harm us.

What do viruses look like? Learn more about them with these virus worksheets for kids to get to know viruses up close and personal.

Virus Worksheets for Kids

Help your child keep track of their emotions. This will help them learn to express themselves and to identify their feelings so that you can help them cope with them. Grab the feelings chart for kids here.

Get control of screen time and use it as an incentive that your kids can work towards. Then be sure to set a limit on their screen time usage and set a timer. Print out the summer screen time checklist to get your kids on track with screen time.

Teach the importance of being safe near water with these water safety worksheets. Drownings are a serious summer hazard and backyard pools are the leading cause of drownings when children are left unattended even for a short moment.

Do your kids know what to do if a fire breaks out in your home? Prepare your kids so they know what to do when there’s a fire so they don’t panic. Grab the fire safety worksheets for kids.