Best Puberty Books for Boys

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Let’s face it, talking to our kids about puberty is not high on the list of things we WANT to do. It is absolutely necessary, but it’s awkward for our kids which makes it hard for us. We don’t want to see our kids in uncomfortable situations if we can help it.

The one thing that can help is books. If we can read these educational books to our kids it can help us crack the ice and show our kids that it is not that bad.

These are the Best Puberty Books For Boys that I have seen!

It’s important so even if it doesn’t lessen the anxiety, it can help teach our kids what we need them to know without them feeling SO uncomfortable. These books are fabulous for getting the point across, expressing all of the important points across to ensure that our kids learn what they need to learn about puberty.

It’s also a perfect time to remind them how to take care of their bodies. I have fun activities, printables, and more, on this list of Health and Hygiene for Kids.

Teaching our kids about Puberty can be equally awkward and important! We need to teach our kids all about puberty but feeling uncomfortable doesn't help us or our kids. These books can help!

Just For Boys – Matt Crossick

This guide to growing up for boys is easy to understand thanks to the basic information given and the illustrations to go along with it!

The Boy’s Body Book – Kelli Dunham

The updated version of this bestselling guide answers every questions boys may have when it comes time to puberty.

The Body Book for Boys – Jonathon Mar

This guide provides young boys with information, but also includes lots of tips, Q & A, and quizzes to help them navigate puberty.

The “What’s Happening to My Body?” Book for Boys – Lynda Madaras

Madaras’ guide gives young boys all the facts when it comes to puberty straightforward, not skipping over the sensitive topics so that they are better prepared.

Growing Up for Boys – Alex Frith

Frith’s manual provides boys with a general outline of what puberty is all about and advice to go along with it.

Guy Stuff: the Body Book for Boys – Cara Natterson

With the success of “The Care and Keeping of You”, American Girl decided to put out a guy’s version of their guide to puberty. This book goes through each aspect of puberty and its illustrations help boys understand it all.

My Body, My Self – Lynda Madaras

A great guide for pre-teens, but also for teens to look back on when they run into a new stage of puberty. This activity journal is unlike most guides allowing boys to interact to better understand the information.

My Changing Body: Boy’s Edition – Linda Picone

This is a guide for the younger teens interested in what’s going on or what’s going to happen when it comes to puberty.

What’s Going On Down There? – Karen Gravelle

This newly updated manual to growing up provides boys with all the ins and outs of puberty including physical and mental changes as well as how to navigate social media.

What’s Happening to Me? – Alex Frith

This guide is perfect for young boys because it not only provides them with the basics of puberty, but is more of a how to manual when it comes to matters like shaving, peer pressure, and girls.

I’m a Boy: Hormones – Shelley Metten

This guide is a great tool for understanding puberty and the hormones that come with it, but is aimed at an older aged audience (11+).

On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow! – Lynda Madaras

This book is written from a unique perspective than most guides to growing up, from young boys themselves! Madaras provides answers to all of their questions!

Your Body: Boogers and All – Philip Ardagh

Learn all about what your body does as you’re growing up with this guide!

A Boy’s Basic Guide to Puberty – Mike Baldasarre

This book includes all of the basics when it comes to puberty for young boys with lots of information and helpful illustrations.

The Boys’ Guide to Growing Up – Phil Wilkinson

This interactive guide and its illustrations teach young boys the ins and outs of puberty.

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