Best Puberty Books for Girls

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It is inevitable. Our bodies are constantly changing and puberty is a major milestone. Although it can be exciting it is also extremely scary for some children. The changes that come with growing older and puberty are ones that, as we know, can seem intimidating at the least. This can also be a subject that can seem very embarrassing and one that children don’t necessarily want to talk about. It is our job, as parents or teachers, to help our children through these scary and embarrassing times with as much knowledge as possible. Knowing that the changes are coming and what is to be expected can ease the humiliation and fear for children. These books are my favorites for explaining puberty, the changes that occur and helping girls be strapped with knowledge for their future. These are the Best Puberty Books for Girls that I have found and used with my own children. These books are my favorites for explaining puberty, the changes that occur and helping girls be strapped with knowledge for their future. These are the Best Books For Puberty For Girls that I have found and used with my own children. The Girl’s Body Book – Kelli Dunham This guide has been updated to guide girls through puberty as well as the ever changing world of social media and peer pressure! The Care and Keeping of You – Valorie Schaefer Recommended for girls 8 and up, this is one of the best guides to puberty out there for young ladies! Created by American Girl, it helps a girl go through all aspects of puberty from body changes to overall health. The Care and Keeping of You 2 – Cara Natterson Written for an little bit older of an audience than the first book, but American Girl provides new information every young girl needs to know about puberty in their second publication! The “What’s Happening to My Body?” Book for Girls – Lynda Madaras Young girls will learn all the ins and outs of their changing bodies and feelings with this guide. Although, it’s for an older audience due to its lack of illustrations and more sensitive topics! My Body, My Self for Girls – Lynda Madaras This isn’t another information filled book with all the growing up facts, but an activity journal that young girls can interact with to get answers to their questions while they experience puberty. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – Judy Blume While this isn’t the informational guide that gives girls the straight up facts to growing up, Judy’s character portrays all the same feelings most young girls are when it comes time for puberty in this novel. Growing Up for Girls – Felicity Brooks This guide covers everything young girls need to know when it comes to puberty and provides advice on how to do so as well! My Changing Body: Girl’s Edition – Linda Picone Intended for a younger audience, Picone’s manual to growing up give girls practical and insightful information and tips to conquering puberty. The Period Book – Karen and Jennifer Gravelle Gravel’s illustrations and tips straight from consultations with young teen girls makes this an ultimate guide to growing up! It’s even been updated to cover more of today’s topics in being a pre-teen girl. What’s Happening to Me?: For Girls – Susan Meredith The bright illustrations make it easy for young girls to take away the basics from this guide to growing up. Helloflo: The Guide, Period – Naama Bloom This book has been praised for it’s information, but more importantly for it’s overall message that each body is beautiful in it’s own way. This guide is newer to shelves, but great for the modern pre-teen girl. Just for Girls – Sarah Delmege An easy to understand and well illustrated guide to growing up just for girls! The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book – Dr. Walt Larimore Dr. Larimore lets girls know its okay to ask questions but answering all the basic ones concerning puberty as well as your not so typical questions that most girls want to ask. The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up – Anita Naik Not only is this a great guide to young girls who are navigating puberty, but it provides them with information on how puberty affects boys as well. It’s truly all the information they would need to know. Girls Only! – Victoria Parker This guide is filled with real life examples and focuses more on the personal and social effects of puberty rather than the physical ones.

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