Fire Safety Worksheets for Kids

It can happen so fast. A fire can start with just a small spark, and the building, forest, or home can be lost in minutes. Being safe with and around a fire, and knowing how to get out in case of a fire, are incredibly important skills we must teach our children.

Do your kids know what to do in case of fire? Use these fire safety worksheets for kids to help them understand.

Getting out is the most important thing for kids to do in a fire. Do your children know how to get out of their house in a hurry? One quick (and sometimes fun!) game to play with your kids is to challenge them to find two ways out of every room in your home. Who can do it the fastest?

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Recommended Fire Safety Books for Kids

Fire safety can be a scary topic for both parents and kids. It’s why we parents sometimes avoid talking about it. No one likes to think of worst-case scenarios. But because fire safety is so important, it needs to be talked about often. Try one of our recommended fire safety books for kids to help ease into the conversation.

Clifford the Firehouse Dog (Classic Storybook)Clifford the Firehouse Dog (Classic Storybook)Dial 911! (Fire Safety)Dial 911! (Fire Safety)Fire Safety with Lieutenant Toby!Fire Safety with Lieutenant Toby!Fire Safety (First Step Nonfiction ― Safety)Fire Safety (First Step Nonfiction ― Safety)Get Out, Stay Out! (Fire Safety)Get Out, Stay Out! (Fire Safety)No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)


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Getting out of the house when there’s a fire is one part of fire safety. But what if your clothes catch on fire? What do you do? We all learned the phrase “Stop Drop and Roll” when we were kids, and we need to teach it to our own children.

This can also be a way to make a scary topic fun, by playing a game. Let your kids practice how to stop, drop and roll around. They’ll learn important fire safety skills, and probably be giggling too.

Fire Safety Worksheets for Kids

Teach your kids about signs of fire and safe behavior around the fire too.

They should know what a smoke alarm is and what it sounds like. So when you change your smoke alarm batteries, test it too. That’s a good way to practice an at-home fire drill as well.

Don’t forget to teach your kids about smoking. You can practice crawling around your home and reminding kids about the dangers of smoke.

You could even try blindfolding them and having them feel their way out of the house because smoke can make things very dark.

What do they do if there’s a fire in the middle of the night, designate a meeting place outside to meet? Who needs help and who should be able to get outside on their own?

Remind your kids that looking for their favorite toys during a fire is not important and that they need to focus on their lives and getting to safety.

Do your kids know where your fire extinguisher is? Do they know how it works? Teach them how to use them in case of emergencies.

If you have a kindergartener, these health worksheets for kids will be perfect.

Recommended Firefighter Kits for Kids

Fireman Firetruck Explorer Play dough Kit

Let your kids use their imagination while they play, create, investigate and explore with this Fireman explorer sensory activity.

City Fire Station Model Building Blocks

Not only is it a perfect decoration but your kids will definitely love building this fire station. Let their imaginations build what they want with these building blocks.

Fire Safety Worksheets for Kids

Another essential part of fire safety for kids is to teach them about firefighters. Being able to recognize these community helpers as “safe people” will help them in case of a fire.

You don’t want your kids to be scared of the people who are there to help them!

So teach them about firefighters, the equipment they wear, and what they do. You may even want to consider taking your kids to a fire station to meet your local firefighters.

Download the Fire Safety Worksheets for Kids below

Keeping our kids safe and healthy is part of our job as parents. So grab your fire safety worksheets for kids now, and include fire safety in what you teach your kids.

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