Flower Toddler Activities

As we head into summer, this is gardening time for us so flower toddler activities are perfect right now since we’re finally getting into digging in the garden.

My daughter loves helping mama in the garden, she loves digging in there, planting, and helping me water it as well. We do this daily usually and my kids are really awesome at finding weeds for us to get rid of as well.

This list offers so many great flower activities for the kids to do!  You’ll find great sensory activities that really allow them to dig in and get their hands a bit messy, too. I have no problem with a bit of messy plan when they’re using their senses and learning! 

If you love these flower activities, check out this bigger list of fun flower activities for kids.

collage of flower toddler activities

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collage of flower toddler activities

Recommended Spring Activity Kits for Kids

Let your kids grow pretty flowers and vegetables with this DIY Grow Kit that comes with an illustrated booklet of helpful garden information that is suitable for all ages. Compliment it with a good Paint-your-own Pot Activity that is perfect for personalizing your kid’s little garden.

garden kit for kids
paint=your-own pot

There are a lot of great activities here to try with your toddlers, let me know which ones you’ve enjoyed.

I recommend just starting at the top of the list and working your way down! This is an easy way to get so many of these flower toddler activities done! The kids will have a blast as well being able to try out so many different activities that all revolve around flowers. 

Include them in the choice to see which ones that they want to start with first! 

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Flower Toddler Activities

All of these Flower Toddler Activities are not only fun but they’ll get the kids interesting in learning as well. 

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  1. I love all these flower crafts! Especially the felt flowers and those potted craft stick sunflowers. Thank you for including my handprint/footprint/fingerprint canvas art!

    1. No worries, love your stuff.

  2. I want to spend a meaningful time with my 3 years old son. Flower toddler activities are so relaxing!

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