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Toilet Paper Roll Flower Painting Activity

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This Toilet Paper Roll Flower Painting Activity is a great activity for toddlers to be creative and use objects around the house to create beautiful works of art.  They’ll be so proud of their independence in being able to create beautiful artwork.

A wonderful and simple way to create beautiful flowers each time. I used toilet paper rolls to stamp down these pretty flowers, this is how I envisioned the project but my daughter had her own ideas. This would be a great toddler activity or for preschoolers as well.

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Toilet Paper Roll Flower Painting

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Painting

This activity is great for spring or summer since we finally have flowers in our garden, my daughter loves gardening, it was natural for us to bring flowers into our home. 

While it’s fun to go outside and see the flowers, it’s just as fun to stay inside on rainy days and create flowers, too. The kids love being able to use a toilet paper roll to create this fun painting activity and I love that I have new spring artwork to hang up on the walls!

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I even use this time to tell the kids to make up their own fun book ideas as well. Who knows, maybe they’ll create an art book full of their very own artwork fun!

Paint beautiful flowers with toilet paper rolls

The biggest thing to remember is that this isn’t a hard activity to do. The kids will really enjoy being able to showcase their crafting ability and make their own beautiful flowers using simple craft supplies.

Just make certain to let it dry and then hang it up to showcase! Then just have them change out the colors that they’re using to make a whole different colorful flower idea!

  In my opinion, you can never have too many bright painted flowers in your home as it’s an easy way to bring in some sunshine and cheer. Let the kids get as creative as they want!