How to Plant Flowers with Your Kids

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My daughter loves anything that has to do with flowers so it’s natural that she would love gardening. Although she isn’t a fan of bugs and worms, just like momma.

I love that we can spend this time together outdoors doing something we both enjoy. I’m only getting started as a novice gardening, I usually just buy plants because we have such a short growing season but I thought we’d start some seeds just for fun.

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Gardening Supplies

My daughter had her own pair of gloves, she doesn’t like to get dirty and shovel. She enjoys helping mama in the garden so I let her at it. We used container mix soil for my containers while I added gardening soil if we were adding plants to the ground.

I started some flower seeds early and here there’s always a risk of frost until May so I wanted to be able to move them if needed.

My daughter added soil to the containers, she used her finger to dig a hole and added the seeds. She then covered the hole up with more dirt, patted things down and watered all of the containers.

If it was a plant, I had to remove it from the container after we dug a large hole in order to fit the root of the plant in. This was her favorite activity because she could actually see the flower and didn’t have to wait for the seeds to sprout.

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Get outside and learn How to Plant Flowers with Your Kids and give them a love of the outdoors while you put those screens away

The trays have sunflower seeds in them and they sprouted after a week. They’re so easy to grow and fun to watch, it’s a must have for your kids if they love to garden. We did have some birds who tried to get at the seeds but we didn’t lose too many.

Get outdoors and see what else your kids can grow, they’re so proud when they start to see their hard work pay off and they’ll always remind you when they need to be watered.


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  1. My daughter loved planting her own seeds this year, too. It’s not every day they get an excuse to play in the dirt! 😉

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