Plant Growing Kits for Kids

Gardening is an educational, enjoyable activity that can be incorporated into homeschooling with the help of these plant growing kits for kids – they are a great way to teach about science, nature, and responsibility.

Kids can learn what seeds need to grow healthy and strong – how much water and sunshine each type of plant needs in order to thrive – and how to nurture them until they blossom.

Kits come in all sizes, shapes, price points, and complexity levels; so there’s sure to be one (or more!) that’s perfect for your homeschooler!

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A collage of Plant Growing Kits for Kids

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How do kids grow plants at home?

Grow your own plants are a great way to introduce young ones to the joys of gardening. These kits come with everything you need to encourage kids to have their own plant-growing adventure, including seeds, containers and easy-to-follow instructions.

With these tools, kids can grow vegetables or flowers of their choice and watch their handmade masterpieces sprout and blossom! Gardening is an excellent way for children to explore nature, become more mindful, and learn about living things in a hands-on approach.

Plus, they’ll be excited when they can finally pick something they grew themselves! So if you’re looking for a fun activity the entire family can do together and witness the power of growing plants right at home, get your Plant Growing Kits today.

Recommended Plant Books for Kids

Reading is one of the foundational skills that kids need to build in order to become successful adults. So if you have a budding botanist, below are some of our favorite plant books that you and your kids will love. Start reading now!

The Dandelion Seed: A Life Cycle Nature Book for Kids (Plants For Children, Science For Kindergarten)The Dandelion Seed: A Life Cycle Nature Book for Kids (Plants For Children, Science For Kindergarten)The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants (Look and Wonder)The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants (Look and Wonder)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (Smithsonian)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (Smithsonian)The Great Garden EscapeThe Great Garden EscapePlantzillaPlantzillaPlanting a RainbowPlanting a Rainbow


A collage of Plant Growing Kits for Kids

Recommended Plant Learning Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Plant Life Cycle

Get more fun science in your homeschool! Your kindergartener, first or second-grade student will love these worksheets to learn all about plants.

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids

This is a great way for the books to explore nature and all the plants outdoors. This is a great educational hands-on activity for kids!

Plant Growing Kits for Kids

There are many kits available in this Plant growing kits for kids to help get children started on their plant-growing journey, from starter packs of flower seeds and simple ceramic planters to comprehensive greenhouses with everything necessary to succeed.

With these plant growing kits, children can learn the basics of gardening, such as how much water and sunlight plants need to thrive and the importance of responsibility when caring for something living. Even more fun than watching the plants grow is harvesting their fruits and vegetables!

Kids will be ecstatic when they see how cool it is to eat something they grew themselves – plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to healthier eating habits. These kits are truly an ideal gift for any kid who loves nature!

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