Plant Games for Kids

Give them a fun way to learn about plants with this list of plant games for kids. This collection features educational and entertaining activities, from gardening simulations to creative activities that bring the world of plants alive. There’s something for everyone in the family!

Your kids can explore various themes like plant identification, plant-related vocabulary, fertilizing and watering strategies, composting tips, and more through exciting gameplay. You can rest assured knowing that these engaging games are helping children grow their appreciation for nature – no green thumb is required!

If you love this list of fun plant games for kids, you might want to take a look at this list of fun plant activities for kids.

Plant Games for Kids

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Why learn about plants?

Exploring plants is an important part of a child’s development and education. Kids can learn about the importance of plants in our environment, gain knowledge about different types of plants, and cultivate interest in nature.

Learning about plants teaches kids how to take care of the environment by caring for their living space, understanding the global implications of various plant species, and recognizing the fragility of nature.

It can also help instill a sense of curiosity, as they observe and experiment with different parts of a plant – from its roots to its flowers – to discover what makes it thrive. Plus, learning about plants often requires children to engage in creative thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.

By introducing children to the world of plants early on in life, they will develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world around them and why not have fun doing it with these games.

Plant Games for Kids

Recommended Plant Books for Kids

Reading is one of the foundational skills that kids need to build in order to become successful adults. 

So if you have a budding botanist, below are some of our favorite plant books that you and your kids will love. Add these books to your reading list.

The Dandelion Seed: A Life Cycle Nature Book for Kids (Plants For Children, Science For Kindergarten)The Dandelion Seed: A Life Cycle Nature Book for Kids (Plants For Children, Science For Kindergarten)The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants (Look and Wonder)The Amazing Life Cycle of Plants (Look and Wonder)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (Smithsonian)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (Smithsonian)The Great Garden EscapeThe Great Garden EscapePlantzillaPlantzillaPlanting a RainbowPlanting a Rainbow


Recommended Plant Activities

Having your kids simulate gardening is a great way to start off their botanic skills. These activities are not only fun but also educational!

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Plant Life Cycle

Get more fun science in your homeschool! Your kindergartener, first or second-grade student will love these worksheets to learn all about plants. With this activity kit, they will learn more about how plants grow and how they eventually produce fruits or flowers!

TickleMe Plant

Have you ever seen a plant close its leaves when you touch it? Grab this amazing plant-growing simulation that will help your kids learn more about how to grow a plant. A fun way to earn their green thumb!

Plant Games for Kids

Let your young botanists have fun this spring with these awesome plant games for kids!

By introducing your kids to these plant games, you’ll be sure to spark their interest in plants and all that they can offer. Plus, everyone in the family will get lots of fun with it!

So why not gather your kids around the game table today and start exploring the world of plants? Get ready for some truly green entertainment!

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