Apple Life Cycle Worksheets

Fall means colder weather, apples, and pumpkins – are you ready for fall? I do miss the warmer weather but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy fall. It’s the perfect time to learn about apples with these apple life cycle worksheets.

They work great as a stand-alone resource or paired perfectly with another apple-related resource. Simply download, print, and use!

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Apple Life Cycle Worksheets

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Recommended Apple Life Cycle Activity Kits

Little Learners Print-and-Go Kit: Apple Life Cycle

Teach your kids in-depth lessons about how a seed grows into a delicious apple that we all consume using this Little Learners Print and Go Activity Kit. They’ll learn the parts of an apple, the life cycle, and more with hands-on activities (and projects). With this pack in tow, your preschooler or kindergartener will trace, match, graph and puzzle out the apple life cycle.

They’ll enjoy learning about the different stages with full-color apple life cycle worksheets. And if you have older students, they can try writing apple stories on the notebook page and create their own “Apple Life Cycle” book using the pieces given.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Apple Life Cycle

3D Apple Basket Craft 

Grab this apple craft kit that is very cute and easy to do.

In the meantime…

This free Apple Life Cycle Worksheets Pack is enough to get you started with learning all about apples and how they grow from seed to tree! Even if you or your kids don’t like pure apples, you may enjoy apple juice, cider, apple pie or a whole plethora of other apple treats. You can’t go wrong with apples because they are a versatile fruit. There are thousands of varieties that are grown in North American and even more worldwide.

Consider grabbing a bushel and having a go at making your own cider, apple sauce, or bake up a sweet treat. This makes for the perfect STEM apple-related activity.

Apples are pretty affordable for us to purchase year round so we can enjoy them through the whole year here in Ontario. This makes it a staple in our home and the perfect snack for growing families. My teen can eat up to 5 apples a day. Can’t complain, at least it’s not junk food.

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Parts of an apple worksheet

Use this free printable pack (snag it below) to teach your kids important parts of the apple: seed, core, skin, flesh, and stem. There are several activities that are sure to keep them engaged as well.

Here’s all you need to make the most of this activity.


Psst.. Worried about how much ink you’re using up? I use the HP Instant Ink program with my printer and it’s a wonderful way to get colored printables.

Apple Life Cycle Activities

There are vocabulary 3-part cards that you can use to teach new words to your kids. Use the cards to help your kids see (and spell) the word, not just learning it from looking at a picture. They can also be used to play a matching game!

The dot coloring pages, writing pages, and a graphing activity make up this print-and-go pack. I highly recommend you laminate the puzzle so that you can reuse it again and again.

Cut open an apple and take a look inside. Examine the core and have your kids count how many seeds they find. Is this the same for every apple? While they are examining the apple, help them find the different parts of an apple: core, seed, stem, leaf, skin and flesh.

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Recommended Apple Books for Kids

Bring apples into your homeschool with any of these fun apple books. See how they grow or how you can turn them into treats. We’re a huge fan of apple bread and apple chips.

Ten Apples Up On Top!Ten Apples Up On Top!Our Apple TreeOur Apple TreeApples and PumpkinsApples and PumpkinsApplesauce DayApplesauce DayMy Little Golden Book About Johnny AppleseedMy Little Golden Book About Johnny AppleseedApples for Little FoxApples for Little Fox


Apple life cycle cards with real photos

To extend the activity, read your favorite apple books from the library. Learn exactly what an apple tree goes through from seed to full-grown tree. Look at what happens in the winter. You may also find the different varieties of apples that are grown in each country.

If you like to use YouTube, consider building a playlist of videos that teach about the apple life cycle process. Here are a few I recommend:

My favorite apple is Macintosh but they’re not good for baking with but really good on their own.

Try this no-bake apple cheesecake recipe

Apple Life Cycle Worksheets

Get the apple life cycle worksheets below

Get the full Apple Life Cycle printable pack with more learning, writing, coloring activities for your kids including a Apple Life Cycle minibook and puzzles.

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More Apple Activities

Apple Life Cycle Coloring Pages

If you have a child who loves to color, these apple life cycle coloring pages will make learning about apples more fun and exciting!

Red Apple-Scented Slime Recipe

Apple Volcano Science Experiment

Johnny Appleseed Craft by Homeschool Preschool

Yarn Apples by 3 Dinosaurs


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