Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids

The kids are going to love this Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids. It’s a great way to dive deeper into learning about sunflowers!

Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s time to get out and explore the nature that is all around us. When you combine life cycle learning with the kid’s daily activities, this is simple for them to want to learn more!

The great part about learning about sunflowers is that it is a hands-on activity. And in the end, the kids just might have their very own sunflower that they can probably show off and display! They just might have their own green thumb.

Be certain to check out my Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids as well. The more that they can learn about plants, the better!

sunflower life cycle for kids

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Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids

When you can teach the kids about the life cycle of plants, it’s really so much fun. The great part about this sunflower activity is that it lets them be completely hands-on. The more that they can be a part of the learning process, the better!

Everyone in the family really enjoys this fun life cycle activity because it’s exciting and easy to do. If you have been looking for a fun summer activity that is great for a wide variety of ages, this is the one.

Younger kids can easily help plant sunflowers and the older kids can really focus in and learn about the life of a sunflower as well.

It’s a fun activity that really can help all ages learn and explore. This is a fun science activity that will really teach the kids all about sunflowers.

Sunflower Books for Kids

Don’t miss out on these great books for kids! We use books as an awesome way to supplement more learning in our daily activities and it works out great. If you’re looking for simple ways to add in more reading and learning fun, this is section for you.

The great thing about books is that you can easily have the kids pick out their favorites. This means that they can spend more time reading and learning and fewer times on screens.

Anything that we can do as a family to read more together, I’m excited and ready to make it happen. This is how we slow down a bit and bond in a way that gives us something to talk about as well.

All of these books are all about sunflower seeds and are a lot of fun as well. Some of them are cute stories and some of them are loaded down with facts.

The kids can easily pick up and enjoy all of these books that will help support the learning about Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids.

Mommy's Little SunflowersMommy’s Little SunflowersNational Geographic Readers: Seed to PlantNational Geographic Readers: Seed to PlantNature Stories: Little Sunflower: Padded Board BookNature Stories: Little Sunflower: Padded Board BookSunflower HouseSunflower HouseSunny: Life Cycle Of A Sunflower, A Story Of Life And LoveSunny: Life Cycle Of A Sunflower, A Story Of Life And LoveI Can Grow a Flower (Life Cycle Board Books)I Can Grow a Flower (Life Cycle Board Books)


sunflower life cycle

When you’re starting to talk about the life cycle or sunflowers, it’s important to have the supplies on hand. We used a planer, some dirt, and sunflower seeds from the store.

You can use a flower pot as well and load in the supplies. It’s really fine either way that you want to do it.

sunflower life cycle for kids

Make certain that as you’re planting the seeds you talk to the kids about the process. Have them look at the seeds and then talk about how they think the sunflower is going to look as it grows.

Talking about the sunflower life cycle is a great way for them to understand how long it will take for the seed to bloom into a beautiful sunflower.

sunflower life cycle for kids

The other really fun thought that you can add in to this learning process is to have the kids keep a journal about the growth of the sunflower. This will have them tracking and keeping track of the sunflower so that they can write about what they say.

This is a way that you can have them work on their observation skills as well as their writing skills as well.

sunflower life cycle for kids

As they watch the sunflower growing, their excitement is going to grow as well! Who knew that a simple sunflower seed could bring out so much fun and happiness!

We’ve done this several times and the kids are always pumped to run outside and check on the growth of their sunflower seed. They can’t wait to see how much bigger it has gotten from the day before.

And since you’re having them take notice of their sunflower, have them also learn how to measure the height as well. This can be as simple as using a tape measure to track the height and growth of the sunflower.

life cycle of a sunflower

The thought process for this Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids is great to use for other life cycle activities as well. This can easily be done for other flowers and plants. Before you know it, you might have a whole garden area full of fruits and veggies and flowers just from the kids becoming interested in wanting to study them!

The best part about studying sunflowers is that they create some really beautiful flowers, too! This means that you can easily have your yard full of sunflowers that the kids and you are going to love.

Just because the sunflowers have completed the life cycle process doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun to watch and keep seeing them grow. Sunflowers will continue to get taller and can actually become quite huge!

Get the sunflower life cycle worksheet below

Don’t miss out on this fun Sunflower Life Cycle for Kids activity! It’s a great way for them to learn about how plants grow and bloom.

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