Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Are you looking for fun winter activities for kids? Check out this list of great ideas that the kids are certain to love! Once the weather gets colder, there are still so many fun things that can be done outside in addition to all the indoor activities!

For even more winter ideas, see this list of fun winter printables for kids.

The kids love to be outside when it’s cold and for this reason, we have lots of activities that we do. We just make sure that we bundle up well and then head out the door to have fun.

I think that staying outside during the winter months is great as long as you bundle up and limit the time so that the kids don’t get too cold

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

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Fun Winter Activities for Kids

I’m always amazed at how much the kids want to be outdoors when it’s just so cold outside! I mean, it’s great for burning energy, but dang – it’s freezing!

This means that I just bundle up even more because I’m not going to limit them from playing outside. If you’re looking for fun things that the kids can do during the cold months of the year, this is the list for you!

Recommended Winter Books for Kids

Is there anything better than having a good book and a cup of hot cocoa ready for when the kids come inside? I think not! (and I think that they’d agree with that!) These are just some of our favorite winter books that I think that kids will love, too.

Winter books always have great stories to them and some of the most beautiful drawings as well. When the kids are ready for their winter books, I’m always excited to get them out of storage and start reading with them. I always add a few new ones to the list every year as well.

Winter DanceWinter DanceOver and Under the SnowOver and Under the SnowGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterStopping By Woods on a Snowy EveningStopping By Woods on a Snowy EveningThe Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter SolsticeThe Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter SolsticeThe Snowy Day (Picture Puffin Books Book 1)The Snowy Day (Picture Puffin Books Book 1)


Here are some of our favorite winter activities that are a lot of fun for all ages. You can easily work your way down this list to get through them all.

Once the kids see all the options, they’re going to have a blast and want even more! There is still plenty of time for them to actually get done with them all.

Wonderful Winter Books for Kids

Check out this list of book recommendations. When it comes to winter reading, you can never have too many books!

I always have books on hand and then have others put up to rotate them out. I find that if I rotate them, the kids stay interested and read through them all. I do this for all our seasonal and holiday books and it works out really well.

Winter Books for Kindergarten

Your kindergarten students will love reading any the wintery books on this list.

Winter Books for Toddlers

Have an engaging read-aloud with your little ones this winter season with the best books perfect for toddlers!

Snowflake Crafts for Preschoolers

Turn your preschooler’s winter season learning into a chilly and fun day of snowflake crafting!

Winter Books for Preschool

For preschoolers, I’ve prepared this list of the best winter books that will surely make your early reader excited for reading time.

Winter Crafts for Elementary Students

Involve your kids in activities that will help them boost their creativity and imagination with these winter crafts for elementary students.

Groundhog Day Picture Books

Groundhog Day is just around the corner, and what better way to learn about this quirky holiday than reading through these engaging and colorful Groundhog Day picture books.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes Toddler Activity

This is such a fun activity for the little kids. Great for fine motor skills as well. Save up those toilet paper rolls and show the kids that they can make something from an item that was probably just going to end up in the trash.

Winter Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Help your little ones express their creativity with these winter craft ideas for toddlers!

5 Learning Crafts for January

Here are great activities to keep in mind for January! I always like to have some things lined up to do as the winter tends to drag on a bit.

Toddler Activities for Winter

This list of activities is great for toddlers. They’ll love being able to have ideas that are geared just for them!

Have them pick and choose what they want to do from the list. This helps to empower them and makes them feel confident in making choices about activities that they’re excited about.

Simple Snow Painting Activity

Check out this fun painting activity! What a great way to let them be creative and have fun at the same time.

Anytime the kids can paint, they’re going to want to! They’re all little artists at heart!

Snowflake Craft for Kids

Even if the snowflakes aren’t falling, let the kids make their own. This craft is the perfect winter activity for the kids to do.

Groundhog Day Activities for Kindergarten

Welcome to this popular North American tradition with your kids as they learn more about this fluffy animal and its significance to winter in this list of fun Groundhog Day activities for kindergarten.

Winter Science Experiments

Calling all fans of science. Art is great but sometimes, you just need to add a little STEM to your day. This list of fun experiments will keep the kids busy and learning.

Winter Magic Milk Experiment

Show the kids that magic still happens! This simple magic milk experiment is one that they’re going to want to do over and over again.

Snowy Winter Slime Recipe

Let them make some slime! The more slime that they can make, the more fun and messy play that they’re going to have!

When you make slime, the kids can really help with a lot of it. You can always find more add ins and decorative items that can add texture to the slime as well.

Galaxy Snow Mixing Activity

Anytime that they can create and have sensory play, let them! This is what it’s all about! This activity feels really nice and cool and looks like fun as well.

Preschool Snow Activities

These preschool snow activities are perfect for kids who love the cold weather!

Winter Printables for Kids

After they’ve exerted some energy and created a few fun things, have them work on these fun winter printables. They’ll be learning at the same time but having so much fun that they’re not even going to notice.

Winter Crafts for Preschool

If you need to stay indoors during the cold weather months, these winter crafts for preschool will be the perfect boredom busters while they learn.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft

This snowflake craft is super easy but so pretty. You just need some popsicle sticks, paint and some glitter to decorate your snowflakes.

Snowflake Crafts for Kids

If you want to get ideas on what indoor activities are perfect for the cold weather months, try these snowflake crafts! They are fun to make and you don’t need a lot of fancy craft supplies.

Winter STEM Activities for Preschoolers

Teach STEM to your kids in a fun and cool way with this list of the best winter-themed STEM activities perfect for preschoolers.

Indoor Winter Activities for Toddlers

Who says indoors during winter should be boring? Check out these boredom-buster and educational activities for your toddlers. They will surely enjoy these indoor activities, especially during the harsh temperatures of winter!

Q-tip Snowflake Craft

For an easy activity to do with your little one this winter, you have to try this Q-tip Snowflake craft.

Snowflake Activities for Elementary Students

Your child will love these cool snowflake-themed activities. Perfect for winter!

Winter STEM Challenge Cards

These fun and engaging homeschool activities will keep kids entertained all season long, while also building critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Winter STEM Activities

Add some STEM activities to your homeschool curriculum this winter. These winter STEM activities will be perfect.

Winter STEM Activities for Elementary

Fun-filled, educational, and super engaging, these homeschool STEM activities are perfect for your little scientists.

Winter Activities for Kindergarten

If you want your child to have a great winter learning experience, try these super easy but fun winter activities for kindergarten.

Winter Math Activities for Preschoolers

Get your little ones excited about math this winter with these engaging and educational Winter Math Activities for Preschoolers!

Winter Science Activities for Preschoolers

Keep the little ones happy and learning this winter season with these winter science activities for preschoolers.

Winter Crafts for Kids

Ready to start crafting? Check out these fun winter crafts for kids!

Animals in Winter Activities

Your little ones will develop a deeper appreciation for nature with these Animals in Winter Activities.

Arctic Animal Activities for Kindergarten

If you are about to teach about the Arctic and the animals living there, you better try these arctic animal activities for kindergarten.

Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts

Check out these cute little arctic animal crafts for preschoolers! Learning about The Arctic will be so much fun with these craft ideas!

Winter Animal Activities for Preschoolers

Winter doesn’t have to mean endless days spent indoors, especially for kids! Introduce your kids to more winter animals in these fun activities!

Arctic Books for Preschool

Your little one will have a glimpse of what we can see in the Arctic with these Arctic books for preschool.

Antarctica Preschool Activities

Embark on a chill-filled journey that promises to entertain and educate your tiny explorers about this icy wonderland with these Antarctica-themed activities for preschoolers!

Happy New Year Crafts

There are just too many crafts to do this New Year, so might as well try some in this list and see what you and your kids love!

New Year Arts and Crafts

Do you want a fun and creative way to celebrate the new year? Try some of these new year arts and crafts!

New Year Activities for Preschool

Your little one will have a festive new way to celebrate the new year with these new year activities for preschool.

New Year Activities for Kindergarten

You can welcome the new year with a blast with these new year activities for kindergarten! I’m sure your little one will have a great and memorable new year ahead.

Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year is coming up! If you are still looking for fun crafts to celebrate the new year, you have to check out this awesome list.

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Try these Chinese New Year activities for kids to make your celebration even more special.

Printable Chinese New Year Bookmarks

Looking for a fun Chinese New Year activity for kids to make and share with family and friends? Try these printable Chinese New Year Bookmarks!

Groundhog Day Books for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will enjoy reading these awesome Groundhog Day Books! It’s fun to learn more about this holiday by reading facts and discovering the history behind it.

Groundhog Day Books for Preschoolers

If you want your little one to know more about Groundhog day, grab these Groundhog Day Books for Preschoolers and read interesting information about this event.

Groundhog Day Books for Elementary Students

Check out this collection of great Groundhog Day Books for elementary students. They can dig deeper into the meaning of this special day.

Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

If you want to know the stages of a groundhog’s life, grab this groundhog life cycle now! Learning about these amazing creatures is fun!

Paper Plate Winter Crafts

When the outdoor wonderland becomes a bit too chilly for comfort, especially for your kids, it’s time to bring the fun indoors with some creative paper plate winter crafts that your children will certainly love!

Dr. Seuss Arts and Crafts

These Dr. Seuss Arts and Crafts are great for kids who love Dr. Seuss’s stories. Homeschool moms like you will have lots of fun with the kids by creating the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, the Grinch, and many more! Plus, your little one might enjoy reading more books after trying these arts and crafts!

Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities

Dr. Seuss fans will be so happy to do these activities! Perfect for the winter season or any time of the year.

Dr. Seuss Kindergarten Activities

Your little one will be so excited to make some crafts and do fun learning activities featuring Dr. Seuss’s book characters!

Outdoor Winter Activities for Preschoolers

If you want to enjoy the winter season outdoors, these winter activities will be perfect!

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

Can’t find the perfect worksheet for your preschooler? You better check these winter worksheets now!

Winter Worksheets for First Grade

You will love these winter worksheets full of activities perfect for your first-grader!

Winter Crafts for Kindergarten

Doing some crafts will be a fun thing to do during the winter months since most days, kids will be indoors. Check this list to get ideas!

Mardi Gras Books for Kids

Whether you want to know the history of this holiday or just want to read great stories, you’ll never regret grabbing these Mardi Gras books for kids!

As you can tell, there are a lot of winter activities on this list. The kids will have a blast looking and choosing and then getting started. Since winter feels like one of the longest parts of the year, it’s a good idea to have plenty of fun activities on hand.

I like to try to get a good mixture of art activities and STEM activities with fun outdoor and indoor play as well. When I change it up and keep it interesting, the kids seem to be that much more interested as well.

Don’t forget to let them voice what they want to do during the winter months! I’m sure that they have a lot of fun ideas that they’re hoping to do, too!

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