Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities

Dr. Seuss is a beloved author to children and adults alike. His books encourage imaginative thinking, creativity, and a love of language. If you are homeschooling your preschooler, then incorporating Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities into your lessons is sure to bring on some fun and excitement!

Let’s take a look at some of the top Dr. Seuss books, as well as some activities that you can do with your child to explore the world of Seuss even further.

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Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities

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Recommended Dr. Seuss Books

The Cat in the Hat is one of the most iconic books written by Dr. Seuss. This story follows an adventurous cat who pops up at Sally and her brother’s house while their mother is away, bringing with him chaos and fun!

Green Eggs and Ham is another classic book by Dr. Seuss that introduces readers to Sam-I-Am who insists that his friend try green eggs and ham – in a house, with a mouse – before he can judge whether or not he likes them! After reading this book with your little one you could try cooking up some green eggs yourselves! While they may not be quite as appetizing as the ones from this book, it will still be an adventure worth having (and eating).

Horton Hears a Who follows Horton the elephant who discovers an entire city living on a speck of dust. In this story we learn about loyalty, integrity, courage and friendship; vital lessons for any preschooler to learn at their age.

There’s no doubt that kids love Dr. Seuss Books. And if you still haven’t got the books below, I suggest you grab them now and add them to your kid’s book collection.

Dr. Seuss's Book of Colors (Bright & Early Books(R))Dr. Seuss’s Book of Colors (Bright & Early Books(R))Happy Birthday to You! (Classic Seuss)Happy Birthday to You! (Classic Seuss)One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue FishOne Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue FishDr. Seuss's 1 2 3 (Beginner Books(R))Dr. Seuss’s 1 2 3 (Beginner Books(R))Fox in Socks (Beginner Books(R))Fox in Socks (Beginner Books(R))The Sneetches and Other StoriesThe Sneetches and Other Stories


Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities

Recommended Dr. Seuss Inspired Activity Kits

Cat in the Hat Sensory Jar

Your little one will definitely love the sensory toys that they can play with inside this cat in the hat-inspired sensory jar.

Dr. Seuss Sensory Bin

Don’t miss the fun with this Dr. Seuss Sensory bin. Perfect for your child’s sensory play.

Dr. Seuss Preschool Activities

If your preschooler is a fan of Dr. Seuss' books, you have to try these activities with them.

Dr. Seusss’ books are filled with adventure and magic that appeal to both children and adults alike! Incorporating these stories into your homeschool curriculum will bring on plenty of fun moments while also teaching your child valuable lessons along the way.

Whether it be creating Whoville out of cardboard boxes or cooking up some green eggs together there are so many ways to make learning come alive through these stories that your child won’t even realize they’re learning something new until it’s already stuck with them for good!

So don’t wait any longer get ready for a seuss-tastic adventure today!

Looking for more? Your little one will be so excited to make some crafts and do fun Dr. Seuss Kindergarten Activities featuring Dr. Seuss’s book characters!

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