Simple Snow Painting Activity

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The kids are going to love this Simple Snow Painting Activity! It’s a super simple way to be creative in the show using fun supplies and a bit of creativity.

I really love this creative activity for the kids. Since all we really need are a squeeze bottle and food coloring, there’s nothing hard to this at all! You can easily make this fun activity happen over and over again. All you need for this to work is snow! (and the supplies, of course!)

I’m always telling the kids to not make the house a mess so it just makes sense for them to go ahead and color the snow outside. This easy snow painting activity is one that will have them putting on their coats and heading out the door.

And the best part? You literally won’t have anything to clean up at all!

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Simple Snow Painting Activity

Even though this fun snow painting activity is great for the kids, it’s actually a really great learning lesson, too. Because once you start talking about all the different colors and how they can be combined for color mixing, it’s a whole new learning lesson and activity.

We like to study different colors and what they look like and one of the big topics that we talk about is red, yellow, and blue which are the primary colors.

And since this simple snow painting activity is only using the primary colors, it’s a great learning lesson for the kids.

How to talk about primary colors with kids

It’s amazing when you really stop and teach the kids about primary colors. On their own, the colors of red, yellow, and blue are quite powerful and beautiful but they can easily be combined to make some really great colors as well.

In fact color mixing is some of our favorite ways to combine colors and be creative.

When you combine primary colors, you’ll get so many other fun colors, too!

Color combinations using primary colors

So many color combinations can be made!

Red plus yellow makes orange.

Yellow plus blue makes green.

Blue plus red makes violet.

And those are just a few! Let the kids have fun and be creative to say what color combinations and colors that they can come up with!

Supplies needed for this Simple Snow Painting Activity

All you need are a few of the simple supplies listed below to get started.

  • Squeeze bottles for various colors
  • Water
  • Food coloring red, yellow, blue)
  • Snow

It doesn’t get much more simple than that, right?

How to do this Simple Snow Painting Activity

The great thing about this activity is that the kids can really do it however they want. And if you have multiple kids, they’re probably going to do it multiple different ways.

Make certain to pick an area of the snow that is clean and nice and white. This will be the best way to show off all the bright and fun colors!

Then, have the kids pick one color to start with and make a fun streak.

After they’re made a streak of color, have them make another one on top of it and one near it, too. Take the time to talk about the brightness of the colors and how different they look in the snow. It’s amazing how the depth of the snow in certain areas can make it look brighter in certain spots.

Once the discussions have stopped, its’ time to start mixing colors and seeing if you can create other colors.

Spray a line of yellow and then a line of red on top. Watch as the color orange emerges quickly!

The kids will love seeing a whole new color appear right in front of their eyes and it’s the perfect way to talk about how two colors combined can create a totally different color altogether.

We also love to make rainbows in the snow and challenge ourselves to do this every time. With a little bit of creativity and proper combining skills, you can easily make a rainbow or one that looks very close to it with ease!

It’s also super fun for the kids to think about the snow like a giant white canvas! This means that as long as they have enough water and food dye, they can literally color all the areas of the snow!

You just might find that you have the most colorful front yard in the whole neighborhood!

This is such a fun activity for kids and it’s great for a wide variety of ages. If you’re ready for the little ones to have fun learning their colors and being as messy as they want, this just might be the perfect activity for them!

All you need is to have fresh snow to make this work!

snow painting activity

Have fun being creative with this fun simple snow painting activity. It’s one that the kids are going to love and have an absolute blast with!

Remind the kids to be as creative as they want in the outdoor space. And just remember that if you’re wanting to do this indoors, you easily can pull it off as well. It may not work as well as being out in the fresh snow but if you’re wanting to try this activity and not wait for snow, see what you can do indoors to give it a try.

Just know that if you do try to do this indoors since there isn’t any snow outside that the food coloring is going to stain! It’ll wear off fingers and hands after a short amount of time but it’s going to stain everything else that it keeps into contact with along the way.

snow painting activity

Simple Snow Painting Activity

This simple snow painting activity is so much fun to do!


  • Squeeze bottles
  • Water
  • Food coloring (red, yellow, blue)
  • Snow


Add water to the squeeze bottles.

Add 2-3 drops of food coloring in each bottle.

Shake to mix.

Combine to make fun colors or create a rainbow.

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