Arctic Animal Activities for Kindergarten

The Arctic is a habitat where animals have to be able to survive in extreme cold conditions.

If you are looking for activities that are made to make your homeschool lesson about arctic animals exciting, this list of Arctic Animal Activities for Kindergarten is what you need!

Some of the animals that live in the Arctic are walruses, arctic foxes, reindeer, polar bears, and more. Kids will love learning facts, making crafts, and doing activities about these interesting and amazing creatures!

If you love these activities, you must see my bigger list of Arctic Animal Activities for Kids!

Arctic Animal Activities for Kindergarten

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Which types of animals live in the Arctic?

The Arctic is home to many different types of animals, from large mammals like polar bears and walruses to small insects like mites and midges. Some of these animals, like the polar bear, have adapted to the cold climate and are well-suited to life in the Arctic.

Others, like the reindeer, migrate to the Arctic during the summer months when the weather is warmer. Despite the harsh conditions, the Arctic is a vital habitat for many different species of animals. Here are some of the famous animals found in the arctic:

Polar Bear

The polar bear is the largest land carnivore in the world, weighing up to 1,500 pounds. They are experts at hunting seals, their main source of food. Polar bears have several adaptations that help them to survive, such as thick fur, a layer of fat for insulation, and large front paws that act like paddles when swimming.


Reindeer are one of the most widespread animals in the Arctic. They migrate between the Arctic tundra and taiga forests depending on the season. In winter, they grow a thick coat of fur to insulate them from the cold. Reindeer are herbivores and eat a variety of plants, including mosses and lichens.

Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes are small members of the dog family. Arctic foxes have many adaptations that help them to survive in the cold Arctic habitat. For example, they have thick fur coats that turn white in winter, helping them to blend in with their snowy surroundings. These cunning predators hunt small mammals like lemmings and voles.

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Recommended Arctic Animal Books

Grab these books about the arctic and the animals that live there for your little one to learn about their habitat, diet, and how they manage to survive in cold weather.

Who Lives Here? Polar AnimalsWho Lives Here? Polar AnimalsRory : An Orca's Quest For The Northern Lights (Ocean Tales Children's Books)Rory : An Orca’s Quest For The Northern Lights (Ocean Tales Children’s Books)Hello, World! Arctic AnimalsHello, World! Arctic AnimalsI'm a Narwhal (Little Golden Book)I’m a Narwhal (Little Golden Book)Johnny the WalrusJohnny the WalrusArctic FoxesArctic Foxes


Arctic Animal Activities for Kindergarten

Recommended Arctic Animals Activity Kits

Arctic Animals Flannel Board Figures

This educational flannel board set is a fun activity to try with your child during your Arctic animal lessons. Kids will love an interesting story using this!

Arctic Animal Coloring Placemats

Do you want your child to be entertained while waiting for their dinner? These coloring placemats will help you with that! They will enjoy learning about Arctic animals if you let them use these!

Arctic Animal Activities for Kindergarten

This list of activities will make learning about arctic animals fun and special. Try these with your kindergartener and I'm sure they'll have a blast!

Learning about arctic animals will be super fun with these activities! Now prepare your supplies and get started!

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