Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts

Looking for a fun way to keep your kids occupied and learning at the same time? Check out this list of arctic animals preschool crafts! They’re all super cute and easy to make, and your child will love showing them off to their friends.

Not only are these crafts adorable, but they can also help teach your child about some of the animals that live in the Arctic. They’ll learn about things like habitat, diet, and behavior – all while having a great time crafting.

Your child will have so much fun making these crafts, and they’ll learn a lot too. What could be better than that?

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Top left panel: Two jellyfish, one green with pink stingers and one pink with green stingers. Both with big eyes and smiley faces. Top right panel: A pop-up card with a seal with an open mouth. This card is held by two female hands with bright red nail polish. Bottom left panel: A colorful paper mache with colorful beads as stingers. Bottom right panel: A white snow owl made of acorn resting on a tree branch. In the middle of the four panels are words written: Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts on top of an opaque greenish-blue rectangle.

Getting your preschooler excited about arctic animals can be as easy as making a few fun crafts together. If you’re looking for some inspiration, I made a list for you to check out with your kids.

From different kinds of animals to their favorites, and whether you’re looking for an artsy project or something more hands-on, there are plenty of ways to get your preschooler interested in arctic animals through crafting.

So gather up some supplies and get started today!

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Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts: Top left: Snowy owl made from an acorn. Top right: Paper mache jellyfish with bead stingers. Bottom left: Pop-out card seal with mouth open. Bottom right: Snowy owl made from cotton and hand-shaped cotton for wings.

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Recommended Arctic Animals Books

What better way to learn about our Arctic friends than learning and reading about them through books? Here are some fun and educational books that you can read to your kids.

Who Lives Here? Polar AnimalsWho Lives Here? Polar AnimalsHello, World! Arctic AnimalsHello, World! Arctic AnimalsRory: An Orca's Quest For The Northern Lights (Ocean Tales Children's Books)Rory: An Orca’s Quest For The Northern Lights (Ocean Tales Children’s Books)If I Knew A Polar BearIf I Knew A Polar BearI'm a Narwhal (Little Golden Book)I’m a Narwhal (Little Golden Book)Winter Survival: Animal Hibernation, Migration, and AdaptationWinter Survival: Animal Hibernation, Migration, and Adaptation


Recommended Arctic Kits for Kids

Are your kids falling in love with their arctic pals? Well, they would definitely fall deeper with these kits. Your kids would really love this!

Arctic Animals Playdough Kit

Kids can’t help but squeeze stuff, so this playdough kit is perfect. They can get creative with the provided playdough or just use it as a sensory object for them to hold while they get excited!

Large Arctic Playset

This playset is gorgeous as it has so many knickknacks and inclusions inside the playset. If you want your kids to have more little figurines of arctic animals, this one is perfect for you. The variety in this one is awesome!

Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts

If your kids want to learn more about arctic animals, and you want them to learn in the most fun way possible, this list is for you.

Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts

These fun crafts are sure to spark your kid's creativity, and learn from them too!

These arctic animal crafts are perfect for getting your preschooler excited about the animals that live in cold climates. They’ll love being able to make their own versions of these adorable creatures. And you’ll love seeing the smile on their face when they’re finished!

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Arctic Animals Preschool Crafts

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