Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin

Are you learning about Arctic animals this winter? Try this easy polar bear sensory bin to allow your child to discover polar bears.

Polar bears are magnificent creatures that rule the Arctic, they are built for the cold and are amazing swimmers. They’re large and lovely to look at and more than likely, the kids will want to learn even more about them, too!

Do you have a polar bear lover? You can easily put this sensory bin together with whatever craft supplies you have in your home right now. This is a fun way for them to play with their hands and let their imagination take over, too.

If you love this activity, you must see this great list of polar bear activities for kids.

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin: 2 polar bear toys in a sensory bin.

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Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin

The great thing about sensory bins is that they’re really fast and simple to put together. The kids will love having a creative space that they can use to dig in their hands and do some creative learning fun.

Sensory bins are fun and will actually provide hours of play for the kids. You can start out with a few simple toys added in or you can make it to that the kids get to pick and choose what they want to put into the sensory bin as well.

The biggest thing to remember is not to stress out over what to put in it because sensory bins are supposed to be simple and stress-free.

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Don’t want to make your own sensory bin? Grab this fun polar bear sensory kit from Etsy. Get all everything you need sent to your home and it’s ready to go.

Polar Bear Sensory Kit from Etsy

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Recommended Polar Bear Books for Kids

Grab your favorite polar bear books to discover how amazing these creatures really are. Below are some of our favorite books about polar bears that the kids are sure to love. There are some really lovely pictures that make great visuals, too.

The best part about adding books to learning is that it gives words to go with creative play. Even if your little one isn’t old enough to read quite yet, you can use these books as a way to look at the pictures and sit and read to them.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading with the kids and I’ll even read to them while they’re playing in the sensory bin as well. While they’re digging around with their hands, they can have a blast listening to the words of the stories, too.

If I Knew A Polar BearIf I Knew A Polar BearPolar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?The Lonely Polar BearThe Lonely Polar BearHush Little Polar Bear: A Picture BookHush Little Polar Bear: A Picture BookThe Little Polar BearThe Little Polar BearWhere Do Polar Bears Live?Where Do Polar Bears Live?


You may already have these supplies in your craft cupboard already. I have used snowflake ornaments with much success as well. As you can see from the image below, I used a lot of white and blue, and silver for this sensory bin because those are the colors that remind me of winter.

If you want to add other colors and objects, do so. Just make sure that they’re safe and fun for the kids.

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin Supplies

Don’t be deceived by how pretty this looks. Be sure to set up your play area so that it’s easy to clean up. I like to place a tablecloth or sheet underneath the bin to catch any mess. That way if the kids spill, you can just take the tablecloth outside and shake it off. This will save you so much time since you won’t have to sweep up or vacuum things up time and time again.

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin supplies

Recommended Polar Bear Toys

To create your own arctic scene, grab one of these polar bear sets. To be true to their nature, add penguins and seals to show the arctic food chain in action.

Fisher-Price Linkimals Interactive Learning ToyFisher-Price Linkimals Interactive Learning Toy9 Pieces Polar Animal Toy Figurines Set with Igloo9 Pieces Polar Animal Toy Figurines Set with IglooWarm Fuzzy Toys Polar Bear Tub Figurines with PlaymatWarm Fuzzy Toys Polar Bear Tub Figurines with PlaymatMAOMIA 12 Pcs Mini Realistic Ocean AnimalMAOMIA 12 Pcs Mini Realistic Ocean Animal20 Pcs Polar Animal Toy Set20 Pcs Polar Animal Toy SetVlish 12 Polar Bears Bendable Fidget ToysVlish 12 Polar Bears Bendable Fidget Toys


Look how much fun the polar bears seem to be having. The kids always get a kick out of seeing them in the sensory bin! They look like they’re going on a mission!

Polar Bear Sensory Bin

Polar bears stay on top of the ice to search for food. Their favorite prey seals hunt under the water. But mama seals have to hide their babies underneath the snow and polar bears are experts at sniffing them out.

Arctic animal sensory play idea

Look how simple and pretty it is to put together this sensory bin. I usually have all of these supplies in my cupboard already.

I do use snowflake ornaments too if you didn’t have these decorative ones.

The clear try makes it look like ice which is pretty cool.

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin: 4 panels of the polar bear sensory bin

Let the kids have fun with this activity and have them create a story to go with it. They might even want to name the polar bears as well as they’re playing with them, too! This is a great idea and gives them the space to be able to do so.

Having them use their imagination to be creative is always a good idea! Just set up the supplies and then let them take over and have a blast. They’re going to love playing with this sensory bin.

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Recommended Polar Bear Kit

If you’re looking for more polar bear-themed kits, I’ve picked some items for you. Whether your kids love painting or just straight-up mushing stuff in their hands – these are perfect for them.

Arctic Animals Playdough Kit

This one is perfect for your kid who just can’t keep their hands to themselves. Grab one of these playdough kits for your kid and I’m sure that they will love it and you’ll probably take a pinch or two once in a while!

Polar Bear Paint Kit

If your kid is creative, they will definitely love this! This kit comes with pre-packed paint and paintbrush so you don’t have to fret about having to rush to the crafts store to buy supplies. I love having to help my kids with their crafts, but if your kids want to have alone time with their paint, it’s also a great deal because they will become busy and independent.

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin: 2 polar bear toys are inside a bin with faux snow

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin

If you're looking for a fun-filled sensory bin with your kids, this easy polar bin sensory bin is the perfect one for you!


  • 1 package white foam beads
  • Cotton balls
  • Decorative snowflakes
  • Clear and torquoise glass gems
  • Blue and white pom poms
  • Clear tray
  • Plastic polar bear toys (or any other arctic animals)
  • Sorting bowls, scoops, and spoons ( optional)


  1. Add foam balls into tray.
  2. Lay the gems on top of the foam balls.
  3. Add the cotton balls and pom poms.
  4. Add the decorative snowflakes.
  5. Add the polar bears and then have fun playing with your arctic scene.


You can add the desired amount of items that will fit easily into the tray you are using.

Set up a play area that will be easy for you to clean up afterward. You can lay a tablecloth underneath the bin to catch any mess.

Warning: Because we use small objects in this bin, use caution with younger children. Supervision is always encouraged. 

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