Nonfiction Books About Polar Bears

By reading these nonfiction books about polar bears, your kid will be keen to throw their trash properly, recycle, and clean up after themselves. Every little step put together would make a huge difference in saving the polar bears’ habitats.

It’s impossible to not try and save these insanely cute and important animals. So, call your kids’ attention and grab a few of these books, maybe they’ll have a new favorite animal: the polar bear!

Make sure to also take a look at this list of fun polar bear activities for kids after reading one of these books to make homeschooling much more fun!

Nonfiction Books About Polar Bears

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Polar Bear Habitat and Climate Change

Learning about polar bears is an important way to understand and appreciate their impact on the surrounding environment.

By understanding their daily habits, their preferred habitat, source of food, and places for hibernation, we become more connected to the life cycle of these beautiful creatures.

We can also learn about the challenges they face today from climate change and other threats, giving us an opportunity to play a part in ensuring their survival in the future.

With the ice caps melting, bears are drowning because they have to swim further to find food. You can discuss climate change and how it impacts animals that are living at the poles and how the changes you make impact others.

Additionally, getting to know polar bears helps sensitize us to our overall impact on nature and other animal species.

Recommended Polar Bear Toys

Add some of these fun polar bear toys to any of your polar bear homeschool lessons.

Niuniu Daddy Stuffed Animals Polar BearNiuniu Daddy Stuffed Animals Polar BearTMORU Arctic Animal FiguresTMORU Arctic Animal FiguresSilicone Pops Bubble Sensory Fidget ToySilicone Pops Bubble Sensory Fidget ToyMelissa & Doug Glacier Polar Bear Stuffed AnimalMelissa & Doug Glacier Polar Bear Stuffed Animal12 Pieces Polar Animal Figurines12 Pieces Polar Animal FigurinesStuffed Animals SetStuffed Animals Set


Nonfiction Books About Polar Bears

Recommended Polar Bear Activity Kits

It’s important that whenever we give our kids new lessons, they should be immersed and involved with them. Here are a few printables and games that your kids will love!

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Arctic Animals

Do you need fun science in your homeschool? Your little learner will love these worksheets to learn all about the Arctic animals.

Polar Adventure Board Game

This adventure board game is great for teaching your kids about climate change and at the same time having fun while doing so. We can teach our kids about compassion here and at the same time the status of the habitat of the polar bears.

Polar Bear Plunge

This tabletop game is best for engaging your kids’ fine motor skills. This will ensure that your kids will use the right strength to tap on the ice cubes and make sure that the polar bear doesn’t fall!

Nonfiction Books About Polar Bears

Oftentimes as kids, we tend to see a beautiful creature and automatically assume that it is fictional. With these books, you can tell your kids that polar bears are both majestic and real!

I hope you’ve listed your favorite books from the list above. I am sure your child will have a great time learning about polar bears with these books!

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