Polar Bear Activities for Kids

Do your kids love bears? Try these Polar Bear Activities for Kids for more polar bear fun with your child.

This list is for parents like you who want their children to have a blast while learning at the same time. The activities are designed to be interactive and engaging, so kids will never get bored.

You’ll love how easy it is to find an activity that suits your child’s interests. Whether they like arts and crafts or some arctic animal printables, we’ve got you covered. And best of all, the activities are all educational.

Check my list of polar bear activities and try some of these today!

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Polar Bear Activities for Kids

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Fun Facts About Polar Bears

Kids always love to learn about arctic animals, and one of the most popular arctic animals is the polar bear! Here are some fun facts about polar bears for kids.

  • Polar bears spend most of their time in the water and can swim for long distances.
  • They are very good at catching fish, and their main diet is seal. They also eat walrus, rodents, and birds.
  • Polar bears live in the arctic and are very well adapted to the cold weather. Their fur is thick and oily, which helps to keep them warm.
  • They have a layer of fat under their skin that also helps to keep them warm.
  • Polar bears are very large animals. Male polar bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and be up to 10 feet long! Female polar bears are smaller, but they can still weigh up to 900 pounds. Cubs (baby polar bears) are born during the winter season and usually weigh about 1 pound at birth.

As kids learn more about polar bears, they will be amazed by these interesting facts! And who knows, they might even be inspired to do some themed crafts or sensory bin activities related to polar bears!

Recommended Polar Bear Books for Kids

Are you getting ready for your homeschool polar bear lesson? These books will be a great help in understanding polar bears.

Safari Readers: Polar Bears (Safari Readers - Wildlife Books for Kids)Safari Readers: Polar Bears (Safari Readers – Wildlife Books for Kids)Polar Bear IslandPolar Bear IslandAre You a Polar Bear?Are You a Polar Bear?Hush Little Polar Bear: A Picture BookHush Little Polar Bear: A Picture BookIf I Knew A Polar BearIf I Knew A Polar BearPolar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends)Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends)


Recommended Polar Bear Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Arctic Animals

Do you need fun science in your homeschool? Your little learner will love these worksheets to learn all about the Arctic animals.

Polar Bear Sensory Bin Kit

Play with cute little polar bears with this polar bear sensory bin. Perfect for arctic animal lovers!

Polar Bear Activities for Kids

Polar Bear Activities for Kids

Easy Polar Bear Sensory Bin

Have fun playing with your little one with this polar bear sensory bin that you can prepare all by yourself!

Polar Bear Games for Kids

Don’t let boredom freeze your child’s creativity this winter season – check out my fun list of polar bear games for kids! This list is designed to spark children’s curiosity with the world of polar bears.

Preschool Polar Bear Activities

Preschoolers will love these polar bear-themed activities! From sensory bins to shaving creams, they will surely have lots of fun!

3D Polar Bear Craft

Your young kids will have the opportunity to explore different materials and develop their fine motor skills while creating their own unique polar bear craft that looks cute and cuddly!

Polar Bear Activities for Kindergarten

Learning about polar bears will be so fun with this list of polar bear activities. Perfect for kindergarteners!

Polar Bear Activities for Elementary

These awesome hands-on activities are perfect for making your homeschool polar bear lesson fun and exciting!

Polar Bear Books for Kids

Read facts about polar bears with these polar bear books for kids.

Polar Bear Crafts

Create awesome crafts with a polar bear theme! Your kids will enjoy these polar bear crafts!

Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

Make learning about polar bears fun and exciting with this polar bear life cycle worksheet.

Label a Polar Bear Worksheet

Teach your kids about a polar bear’s body parts with this awesome label a polar bear worksheet.

Polar Bear Books for Preschoolers

If you need good resources and interesting stories about polar bears, you must see this list of polar bear books for preschoolers.

Polar Bear Crafts for Kindergarten

Winter may be chilly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun crafting cute and cuddly polar bears with our kids.

Nonfiction Books About Polar Bears

Looking for great resources about polar bears? Check out these nonfiction polar bear books that will make your kids want to learn more about these adorable creatures and how to protect them!

Polar Bear Paper Plate Craft

You will love this adorable and super easy polar bear craft! You just need a paper plate, some cotton balls, and basic craft supplies!

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Give your child a chance to be creative while they’re learning about polar bears with these cute polar bear coloring pages.

Polar Bear Activities for Toddlers

Do you have a toddler who loves polar bears? Time to try these polar bear activities this winter!

Best Polar Bear Picture Books

Are you ready to see cute polar bears while reading amazing facts and interesting stories? Grab these polar bear picture books now!

More Polar Bear Activities for Kids

Polar Bear Worksheets

Thinking of a fun way to teach your kids about polar bears? Use these worksheets and your kids will easily learn and remember fun facts about polar bears!

P is for Polar Bear Worksheet

Is the letter Pp your letter of the day? Download this free learning pack and enjoy a super fun day learning about the letter Pp!

Polar Bear Worksheets for Kindergarten

Your kindergartener will love learning about polar bears with these engaging activities!

Polar Bear Science Activities

If you need activities for your polar bear lesson, here are some activities you can try with your child.

Polar Bear STEM Activities

Explore the world of STEM with these captivating Polar Bear STEM Activities!

Paper Bag Polar Bear Craft by Crafts On Sea

A paper bag, markers, and a few pieces of paper are all you need to make this cute paper bag polar bear.

Polar Bear Shapes Tracing Worksheets by Homeschool Share

This printable will help your kids practice tracing shapes in a fun way.

Polar Bear Handprint Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

Make this super polar bear cute handprint craft with your child. I am sure you will love the result, too!

Whether you’re looking for an educational activity or just a fun way to spend some time with your kids, these polar bear activities are sure to please. So put on your fuzzy polar bear hat and get ready to learn all about these amazing animals!

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