Polar Bear Worksheets

Does your child like polar bears? They’ll enjoy my Polar Bear Worksheets! These worksheets are perfect for exploring and learning more about this incredible Arctic animal.

Don’t forget to check out my list of Polar Bear Activities for Kids for even more ways to learn about these amazing creatures.

My printables are packed full of fun and educational activities that your kids will absolutely love. From polar bear research to polar bear adaptation, there are plenty of different activities to keep your kids engaged and entertained.

Polar Bear Worksheets

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Polar Bear Printables You Will Also Love

Grab your chance to download these free printables that you can enjoy alongside the polar bear worksheets.

Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

Make learning about polar bears fun and exciting with this polar bear life cycle worksheet.

Label a Polar Bear Worksheet

Teach your kids about a polar bear’s body parts with this awesome label a polar bear worksheet.

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Give your child a chance to be creative while they’re learning about polar bears with these cute polar bear coloring pages.

Recommended Polar Bear Books

Are you getting ready for your homeschool polar bear lesson? These books will be a great help in understanding polar bears.

Safari Readers: Polar Bears (Safari Readers - Wildlife Books for Kids)Safari Readers: Polar Bears (Safari Readers – Wildlife Books for Kids)Polar Bear IslandPolar Bear IslandIf I Knew A Polar BearIf I Knew A Polar BearPolar Bear Fur Isn't White!: And Other Amazing FactsPolar Bear Fur Isn’t White!: And Other Amazing FactsNational Geographic Readers: Polar BearsNational Geographic Readers: Polar BearsNational Geographic Kids Mission: Polar Bear RescueNational Geographic Kids Mission: Polar Bear Rescue


Polar Bear Worksheets

Polar Bear Worksheets Supplies

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Recommended Polar Bear Activity Kits

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Arctic Animals

Do you need fun science in your homeschool? Your little learner will love these worksheets to learn all about the Arctic animals.

Polar Bear Light-Up Crafting Kit

This 3D polar bear puzzle is so cool because you can light it up after assembling it! It will make a great kid’s room centerpiece!

Polar Bear Worksheets

What’s included in the Polar Bear Worksheets?

Polar Bear Research

This activity is perfect for kids who love to learn new things. Research polar bears and write down any information you find in the designated box. Your child will learn about polar bear habitats, their physical traits, and much more.

Polar Bear Labeling

A great way to test your child’s knowledge of polar bears’ body parts. Complete the worksheet by labeling the body parts of the polar bear in the designated box.

This will help your child get an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of polar bears.

Polar Bear Adaptation

How do polar bears survive during winter? Let your child find out by answering this question and writing their answer in the designated space.

Your child will learn about polar bears’ hunting techniques, their sense of sight and smell, and how they stay warm in the frigid Arctic climate.

Polar Bear Worksheets

Compare and Contrast

This activity encourages your child to compare and contrast polar bears and grizzly bears. Read the paragraph about both animals and use a Venn diagram to highlight their similarities and differences.

Your child will learn how two animals that look similar on the surface are actually quite different when you take a deeper look.

Polar Bear Worksheets

These Polar Bear Worksheets are a fantastic way to educate your child about one of nature’s most interesting creatures.

Not only will they have fun completing the different activities, but they’ll also learn so much about polar bears and their adaptations as a species.

These worksheets are a great way to add a little extra learning to your child’s day.

Download the Polar Bear Worksheets below

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