Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

Do your kids love learning about polar bears?

This Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet is perfect for your kids! It includes everything they need to learn about the different stages of a polar bear’s life. From birth to adulthood, your child will be able to follow along and learn all about these amazing creatures.

Make learning fun for your child with this educational worksheet. They will love the cut and paste activity, fill in the blanks, and they can even color the pictures as they learn more about polar bears. You can even use it as a quiz to test their knowledge!

Download this free Polar Bear Worksheet below!

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Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

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Life Cycle of a Polar Bear

Polar bears are one of the most iconic animals in the world. They are instantly recognizable with their white fur and black eyes and are also one of the largest land predators, weighing up to 1500 pounds!

The life cycle of the polar bear is both fascinating and complex. They typically mate in the spring, with females giving birth to litters of two or three cubs in the winter.

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Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

Stages of a Polar Bear’s Life Cycle


The cubs are born blind and helpless, and they stay with their mother for two to three years before striking out on their own but they quickly grow into formidable hunters.


During the denning stage, which occurs between November and March, polar bears give birth to their cubs. The cubs are born blind and deaf, and they weigh only about 1 pound. The mother bear will stay with her cubs in the den for several months, teaching them how to hunt and survive in the wild.


Once the cubs are old enough to leave the den, they enter the cub stage. During this time, they learn how to catch fish and other prey. They also begin to grow their adult fur. The cub stage lasts for about two years.


After the cub stage, polar bears enter adolescence. During this time, they reach sexual maturity and begin to mate. They also continue to grow in size, eventually reaching an adult weight of about 1,500 pounds.


Polar bears generally live for about 20 years in the wild, although some captive polar bears have been known to live for much longer. This type of animal is considered an apex predator, which means that they have no natural predators. However, polar bears are threatened by climate change and habitat loss.

At each stage of their life cycle, polar bears face different challenges, but with the help of their mothers, they slowly learn how to survive in the wild. They are an amazing species, and learning about their life cycle is a fun way to homeschool or supplement your child’s education.

Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

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Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet

Life Cycle Worksheet Supplies

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Teach your kids in a fun and engaging way with this Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet. This way, they will appreciate how awesome polar bears are and you can also educate them how to take care of these species.

Polar bears are fascinating, and learning about their life cycle is a fun homeschool topic. Kids will discover a lot about polar bears and their habitat.

Download the Polar Bear Life Cycle Worksheet below

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Print out your life cycle of a polar bear worksheet and have your child label each life stage.

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