Winter Worksheets for Preschool

As the winter months draw near, it’s the perfect time to add some fun and festive activities into your preschool lessons! That’s why I’ve created these Winter Worksheets for Preschool that will keep your little learners engaged, entertained, and excited about learning.

For more ideas about winter, check out my list of Winter Printables for Kids!

Keeping your preschoolers entertained when stuck indoors can be a bit of a challenge. So make sure to download the worksheets below for an amazing learning experience during the cold winter months!

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

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Free Printable Winter Worksheets for Preschool

At no cost to you, my Printable Winter Worksheets for Preschool can be easily accessed and printed from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to stress about what activities to do with your preschooler when stuck inside on a snow day.

These worksheets are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and provide them with valuable developmental benefits. It includes six pages of activities that are designed to help your little ones develop fine motor skills, build vocabulary, and encourage creativity. Each page is filled with fun and engaging activities perfect for little hands and active minds.

Recommended Winter Books

If you are looking for a good book to read with your child about the winter season, we have some great recommendations for you.

The Colors of Winter (Little Golden Book)The Colors of Winter (Little Golden Book)Snowmen at NightSnowmen at NightThere Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!Ten Sparkly Snowflakes: Twinkly Countdown Fun!Ten Sparkly Snowflakes: Twinkly Countdown Fun!The Itsy Bitsy SnowmanThe Itsy Bitsy SnowmanTen on the SledTen on the Sled


Winter Worksheets for Preschool

Winter Worksheets for Preschool Supplies

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Recommended Winter Printable Activities

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Winter

Looking for a fun and educational way to keep your preschooler or kindergartener entertained and learning during the winter months? Look no further than this Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Winter! It includes 144 pages of math, fine motor, and literacy activities, all designed to help your little one learn and grow.

Winter Addition Cards

Math doesn’t have to be a bore. Try these Winter addition cards and bring the spirit of winter indoors while you stay warm and snuggly.

Addition doesn’t have to be done with boring worksheets, use clothespins or laminate them and have the child use a dry erase marker to choose the correct answer.

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

What’s included in the Winter Worksheets for Preschool?

Find My Shadow

This page helps kids develop visual-spatial skills and problem-solving abilities. Little ones draw a line from the object to the correct shadow.

Winter Vocabulary

Your preschooler can use this page to practice vocabulary skills. They can identify the pictures below and name each one using the word bank.

Winter Scissor Skills

Your child will practice scissor skills by cutting lines to winter clothes. This will help them build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

Cold Winter

This page inspires creativity and imagination. Your little ones can draw and color the other halves of the pictures below.

Cut and Sort

If you want your preschooler to practice sorting and categorizing, this page is for you. By cutting and pasting the pictures to the right place, they will develop cutting skills too. Will it be winter animals or winter clothing? Let your child decide.

Winter Reflection

This page promotes critical thinking and self-reflection. It asks children to draw two winter activities. It also asks them to draw two winter clothing items. Lastly, it asks them to draw things they will bring on a winter holiday.

Winter Worksheets for Preschool

These Winter Worksheets for Preschool are a great way to add some fun and festive learning activities to your homeschool curriculum. Each page is designed to encourage creativity, build fine motor skills, and promote vocabulary development in your little ones.

So, why not download them today and add some wintry fun to your preschool lessons?

Download the Winter Worksheets for Preschool below

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