Printable Winter Money Puzzles

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Don’t want learning about money to be a bore? Some kids need more help than others, try these fun printable winter U.S. money puzzles that can match up coins and bills with their values.

Stay warm as you bring winter into your math lessons today. Hot chocolate, mittens, boots, and snow all mean the weather outside is chilling. But you can still have fun and learn at the same time in this cold weather. And we have more winter printables for kids here.

Use these money puzzles to identify coins, both front and back, and bills. Also, learn how to add them all up to $100. Using both bills and coins, figure out what the total amount is and match it up to the correct answer.

This learning lesson about money is a great way to help them associate the cost of items and apply these winter money puzzles to their real-life learning.

Make learning about money fun with these printable US Money Puzzles for kids so they can indentify coins and dollar bills in no time.

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Printable Winter Money Puzzles

These winter money puzzles are perfect for kids who are learning something for the first time. If they’re unsure of the answer, they can see if they can match it up with the correct shape. If they get an answer incorrect, no big deal, they just look for the next one.

What I really like about this printable money puzzle is that it helps them associate and identify money in a few different ways.

First, the amount of money is written out with the dollar sign in front so that they’re aware and can start to understand how to see and read what amount that means.

Secondly, there is also a picture of what the money looks like which will help them identify it that way as well.

This means that when it comes to your child learning about money and matching up money, this simple money printable has covered two important aspects that they’re certain to use in their everyday lives moving forward.

You can also then take this lesson to a whole other place by talking to them about what things can be afforded with those amounts of money. This will help them start to learn about the value of a dollar and how it affects and interacts in their daily lives.

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Recommend Winter Books for Kids

There are so many amazing winter picture books to choose from and they can tie into any winter activity that you’ll be working on. The kids can read the book on their own or you can do it as a read-aloud. We still do read alouds now even though my son can read well on his own.

I’m a big fan of having books on hand all the time. This is an easy way to get their minds working and learning, all while reading great stories, too.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello WinterGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterSneezy the SnowmanSneezy the SnowmanSneezy the SnowmanThe MittenThe MittenThe MittenThe First Day of WinterThe First Day of WinterThe First Day of WinterWalking in a Winter WonderlandWalking in a Winter WonderlandWalking in a Winter WonderlandThe Snowy DayThe Snowy DayThe Snowy Day

Print out these winter money puzzles and laminate them so you can use them again and again. I store my puzzles in a ziploc bag so my daughter can easily pull them out when we’re ready to work on math for the day.

Ready to get your own set of winter money puzzles?

Get the Winter Money Puzzles here>>

Once you click on the button, the file will automatically download to the download’s folder on your device.

To extend this activity, head outdoors and build a snowman, make your own ice cream, and then you can eat it afterward. They’ll love this lesson for certain after that!

Talk about how animals prepare for the winter and how they survive in this cold weather.

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