Winter Counting Mats

These winter counting mats are a fun way to learn about numbers for preschoolers. You can have a great time clipping on clothespins to the number cards or placing counters on top of the pictures. These math worksheets are a great way to have some fun with winter-themed items while getting to know more about numbers.

Combining learning with seasons is something that we love to do in our home. There’s just something about the combination that makes it stick in the brain a little bit better for the kids.

Plus when you use fun items for counters it just makes it all that much better as well! The colored pom moms are always a fun hit that makes this learning activity a good time and one they’ll look forward to.

We have more winter printables for kids here. 

Winter Counting Mats

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Winter Counting Mats

During winter, the kids seem to love learning with a variety of animals or “snow” activities as well. And this is fine with me because this means that I can really vary up all the different themes to do my best to keep the learning fresh and new.

One of the ways to keep learning fun and fresh all year long is to incorporate your surroundings as well. It seems to help everyone transition well into the next learning phase also.

Plus, having a variety with the learning is always a big need as well. Kids love knowing that they are going to have fun and learn at the same time!

I also like to talk to them about what we have upcoming so that they can also get geared up and ready to learn.

Winter Counting Mats

Winter Counting Mats Supplies

I created these super cute counting mats and puzzles with a penguin and snowman theme, who wouldn’t love that? They’re so cute. The first page consists of counting cards and you can use a clothespin to clip the correct answer. You could also use a manipulative or counter like a block, pom pom ball, or color with a bingo dabber.

Home Genie Large Wooden Clothespins, 2.9Home Genie Large Wooden Clothespins, 2.9Dabbin' Win Mini Bingo Ink Markers 5 Dauber PackDabbin’ Win Mini Bingo Ink Markers 5 Dauber PackTake Home Versatile Math Manipulatives KitTake Home Versatile Math Manipulatives Kit


What’s included in this Winter Counting Mats Activity Pack?

There are 10 counting mats where you can use the above materials as well on the numbers. I’ve also written out the number so that your child can trace them. I think that it’s important to have the kids learn in a way that works for them so pay attention to what works best.

The end of the pack includes 4 different number puzzles to get your children skip counting. By the time that they’re done with the printables, they’ll be ready for even more fun number learning.

The counting mats can be used for toddlers up to kindergarten students depending on your child. They get to practice number recognition, spelling, and writing their numbers as well.

When you can combine all of these learning aspects for the kids, they’re going to have a really well-rounded approach to learning fun.

Winter Counting Mats

Recommended Winter Books for Kids

Reading is another great tool that will help continue to develop the mind and vocabulary of your children! Read your favorite winter books to go along with these winter counting activities.

Anytime you can combine the same winter-themed books with whatever you’re learning, you’re going to help them remember that much more. And when it comes down to it, I think we can all agree that reading is a HUGE building block for so many other types of learning as well.

When you’re adding books to your learning fun, make sure that you pick out books that the kids will like and enjoy. There are so many great books that different ages will like that you can really change things up and have fun with your choices.

The older kids will actually like the books that you choose from the younger kids, too. This is because the pictures always draw the kids in! Even if you have kids that aren’t quite old enough to start reading, let them look at the pictures in the books. They’ll be engaged and want to see more and this will help them want to start reading asap!

The Snowy DayThe Snowy DayGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterGoodbye Autumn, Hello WinterTen Sparkly SnowflakesTen Sparkly SnowflakesThe Biggest Snowman EverThe Biggest Snowman EverOver and Under the SnowOver and Under the SnowThe Giving Snowman: A Children’s Bedtime Story about GratitudeThe Giving Snowman: A Children’s Bedtime Story about Gratitude


Recommended Winter Activity Kits

Winter Color by Addition

Do you want a fun math practice? Grab this winter color by addition printable and let kids improve their math skills this season with a touch of creativity.

Winter Addition Cards

Math doesn’t have to be a bore. Try these Winter addition cards and bring the spirit of winter indoors while you stay warm and snuggly.

Melted Snowman Dough

This very cute playdough kit features a melted snowman that kids can rebuild. Kids will love it!

Winter Counting Mats

The reason that we have so much fun with winter counting mats is that they really are great for counting fun. The more that the kids can learn about numbers, the faster they’re going to be able to grow that love of counting and learn more.

Remember to let the kids be a part of the learning process. Talk to them about the numbers that they’re learning about as well as have them talk to you about them, too. If they see the number three, ask them to point out three items in the house that mean a lot to them.

You can easily take the learning off the paper with just a few creative questions. it doesn’t have to happen this way every single time but it is helpful with certain lessons to stretch it out and keep them engaged. You’ll find that the kids may like this approach as well and ask you to do more. This is a great way to be a part of their lessons, too. Have fun with them while they’re learning with these printables!

Your preschooler will love making cute and creative Snowman Crafts for Preschoolers that will make them enjoy winter while learning, too!

Download the Winter Counting Mats below

Print out the winter counting mats, it comes with counting cards and puzzles as well. To make your puzzles last longer laminate them or cover them with contact paper. I love doing this and I’ve found that it saves me so much time and sanity!

More Winter Printables

Don’t miss out on these other fun winter activities for kids. The best part is that they’re all geared towards this time of the year which really does make for winter learning fun!

Winter Letter Find Worksheets

With just a few markers or stamps, your kids can immerse themselves in finding different pairs of letters.

Arctic Animals Addition Cards

Your kids will have great math practice with these arctic animals addition cards. Perfect winter math printable for early learners.

Winter Cutting Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Addition Worksheets

Hibernation Worksheets for Preschoolers

Winter Lacing Cards

Winter Fairies Counting Mats

Winter Notebooking Pages

Winter Games Color by Addition Worksheets

Snowman Do-a-Dot Printables by Gift of Curiosity

Winter Pack by 3 Dinosaurs


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