Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Looking for a way to celebrate Chinese New Year with your kids?

You’re in luck! These Chinese New Year Activities for Kids are the perfect way to teach your kids about Chinese New Year and other Chinese traditions. Plus, they’ll have a blast learning all about dragons – one of the most important symbols of Chinese New Year.

These activities are perfect for homeschoolers or anyone who wants to learn more about Chinese culture. Check the list below and get started on your own Chinese New Year celebration today!

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Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

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Chinese New Year Foods That Will Bring You Good Luck

Chinese New Year is a time for family, friends, and feasting. And what would a feast be without lucky foods? In China, there are many traditions surrounding the foods that are eaten during the New Year celebration. Some believe that eating certain foods like noodles, fish, dumplings, and fruit (mandarin oranges and tangerines) will bring good luck in the coming year, while others believe that the shapes and colors of certain foods represent different aspects of life.

So if you’re looking for a bit of extra luck in the coming year, be sure to include some of these lucky Chinese New Year foods in your celebrations!

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Recommended Chinese New Year Books

To give your child a better understanding of this special holiday, you can read a Chinese New Year book together. Not only they will learn about this event but the culture and traditions of other countries, too.

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Chinese New Year: With Fireworks, Dragons, and LanternsHolidays Around the World: Celebrate Chinese New Year: With Fireworks, Dragons, and LanternsDragon Dance: A Chinese New Year Lift-the-Flap Book (Puffin Lift-the-Flap)Dragon Dance: A Chinese New Year Lift-the-Flap Book (Puffin Lift-the-Flap)Home for Chinese New Year: A Story Told in English and ChineseHome for Chinese New Year: A Story Told in English and ChineseBringing In the New YearBringing In the New YearLunar New Year (Celebrate the World)Lunar New Year (Celebrate the World)Ruby's Chinese New YearRuby’s Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Your little one will have a great time learning about the Chinese New Year traditions and Chinese culture with these activities. Go ahead, grab your supplies, and try these awesome activities!

Chinese New Year Addition Puzzles

Encourage your child to practice their addition skills with these Chinese New Year addition puzzles.

Printable Chinese New Year Bookmarks

Looking for a fun Chinese New Year activity for kids to make and share with family and friends? Try these printable Chinese New Year Bookmarks!

Lunar New Year STEM Activities

Ringing in the new year is a time to celebrate, and these bring unique opportunities for young kids to learn about STEM through fun activities!

Lunar New Year Activities for Toddlers

Enjoy these Lunar New Year activities for toddlers that will help them learn about Asian culture and traditions.

Lunar New Year Worksheets

With the arrival of the Lunar New Year comes an opportunity to engage with and learn about unique cultures that are celebrated around the world.

Lunar New Year Coloring Pages

Bring the spirit of the Lunar New Year into your home with these colorful and interactive Lunar New Year coloring pages.

Chinese New Year Preschool Activities

Do you want your preschooler to have a memorable Chinese New Year while learning about Chinese culture? I have here a great list of fun Chinese New Year Preschool Activities that you can try.

Chinese New Year Activities for Elementary Students

Grab this chance to teach your elementary kids about the Chinese culture and festivities with these fun Chinese New Year Activities for elementary students.

Chinese New Year Crafts

If you are looking for fun crafts to do for the Chinese new year, you have to check out this awesome list of Chinese New Year Crafts.

Lunar New Year Crafts for Preschoolers

Let your little ones explore their artistic side while learning about traditions and having a blast.

Chinese New Year Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will love this new and festive way to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Math Activities

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and this is the best time to incorporate some math concepts into your homeschool lessons. Check this list of Chinese New Year Math activities for some awesome ideas!

Lunar New Year Dragon Craft

Lunar New Year will never be complete without the dragons! If you want to try making your own mini version of the traditional dragon dance, you have to try making this dragon craft with your little one! It’s easy and so cute!

Lunar New Year Books for Elementary Students

Bring the joy of festive celebration into learning by introducing them to these Lunar New Year Books for Elementary Students.

Lunar New Year Books for Kids

Do you want your kids to discover the traditions and stories about the Lunar New Year? These books will be a great start!

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Recommended Chinese New Year Activity Kits

Junior Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Chinese New Year

Want to teach your kids more about the Chinese new year? Grab these Chinese new year worksheets for a research based activity for your students to learn more about this popular holiday in China.

Dragon Hand Puppet Craft Kit

Get this craft kit for your kids to learn about this legendary animal while practicing their fine motor skills.

More Chinese New Year Activities

If you want more, I’ll give you more! Here are some awesome Chinese New Year activities from other bloggers that are sure to bring a festive vibe to your home!

Yin-Yang Paper Plate Puzzle by Chalk Academy

Kids will enjoy this paper plate puzzle featuring yin and yang, two opposing but complementary forces of nature. An important part of Chinese culture.

Chinese Zodiac Wheel by Chalk Academy

Discover the different zodiac signs and animals with this Chinese Zodiac Wheel.

Torn Paper Fireworks Craft by 3 Dinosaurs

Make beautiful fireworks crafts using torn glitter papers.

How to Make an Egg Carton Dragon Craft by I Heart Crafty Things

Your empty egg carton will be very useful to make this beautiful Chinese dragon craft.

Chinese Coin Tree by First Palette

Feel lucky with this easy Chinese coin tree craft.

How to Make Chinese Rattle Drums to Celebrate the New Year by Artsy Momma

Let your kids chase the bad luck away with these Chinese rattle drums to celebrate the new year.

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Chinese New Year Lantern Craft for Kids by Artsy Momma

Make a beautiful lantern craft using some empty baby food jars. You can write your wishes for the new year in Chinese characters, too.

Paper Plate Hand Fans by The Pinterested Parent

Create a beautiful paper plate hand fan this new year. Your little one will love it!

Awesome Cupcake Liner Dragon Craft by I Heart Crafty Things

Your cupcake liners will be great for this Chinese new year dragon craft.

Chinese New Year Craft Stick Puzzles & Sensory Tray by Chalk Academy

This simple craft is perfect for little kids. These puzzles are great for teaching kids about important Chinese new year greetings. They’ll enjoy solving these puzzles!

Lucky Cat Craft by Kids Craft Room

You and your little one will love this adorable lucky cat craft! So easy and perfect activity for the Chinese new year!

Chinese New Year Paper Fortune Cookies by Woo! Jr Kids Activities

This fortune cookie paper craft will be a great activity to do with your little one to celebrate the Chinese new year.

Chinese Dragon Mask by Messy Little Monster

Now who wants to be a dragon? This dragon mask will be perfect!

Handprint Dragon Puppet by Crafts by Ria

This dragon craft is very creative! It will be special because it’s made of your child’s handprint.

Whether you want to celebrate or just want to learn about the Chinese culture, you will surely enjoy doing these Chinese New Year Activities for Kids. With so many activities to choose from, I am sure you will find the right one for your little one.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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New Year Worksheets

Welcome the New Year with some great goals! Kids will love writing what they are aiming for this coming year and what they loved the most in the past year. What a fun activity to do with kids and the whole family.

New Year Activities for Kindergarten

You can welcome the new year with a blast with these new year activities for kindergarten! I’m sure your little one will have a great and memorable new year ahead.

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Your little one will have a festive new way to celebrate the new year with these new year activities for preschool.

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