Chinese New Year Activities for Elementary Students

Looking for some fun and educational activities to do with your kids this Chinese New Year?

I’ve got you covered! Check out our list of Chinese New Year activities for elementary students. Each activity is designed to help your kids learn more about the holiday and have a blast while they’re at it.

I know how busy parents can be, so we made sure all the activities are easy to follow and don’t require a lot of prep time.

If you need more ideas for Chinese New Year, check my list of Chinese New Year Activities for Kids.

Chinese New Year Activities for Elementary Students: 4 panels of different activities

Chinese New Year is an age-old holiday celebrated around the world that marks the beginning of a Lunar new year. The exact date changes annually based on cycles of the Chinese moon calendar, and celebrations typically last two weeks after it begins.

This year, 2023, it is on January 22nd.

People living in mainland China typically take one or two weeks off from work to celebrate with their families and relatives. One of the many traditions associated with this celebration is giving red envelopes filled with money to younger generations as an expression of good luck.

Of course, no celebration would be complete without delicious food; people feast on traditional dishes such as dumplings, spring rolls, fish, and rice cakes.

Fireworks are also a common sight across Chinatowns worldwide! Ultimately, Chinese New Year is about ringing in prosperity and joy throughout Chinese culture – a joyous way to start any new year!

Since Chinese New Year is around the winter season, why don’t you go check out this list of fun winter activities for your kids? I’m sure the endless occasions will keep your kids’ spirits up and boredom will surely never occur!

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Recommended Chinese New Year Books

Chinese New Year is a very colorful and festive occasion and what better way to learn about this beautiful occasion than to read stories about it? Here are some of my favorite books for my kids to read during the Chinese New Year.

The Runaway Wok: A Chinese New Year TaleThe Runaway Wok: A Chinese New Year TaleHui-lan's Chinese New YearHui-lan’s Chinese New YearMy First Chinese New Year (My First Holiday)My First Chinese New Year (My First Holiday)Chinese New Year Wishes: Chinese Spring and Lantern Festival CelebrationChinese New Year Wishes: Chinese Spring and Lantern Festival CelebrationCelebrating Chinese New Year: History, Traditions, and ActivitiesCelebrating Chinese New Year: History, Traditions, and ActivitiesRuby's Chinese New YearRuby’s Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Activities for Elementary Students: 4 different types of lunar new year activities including a pop up card, noise maker, candle and dragon craft.

Recommended Chinese New Year Toys

The Chinese New Year is known for being the most cultural and fun occasion that is celebrated all over the world, and what better way to make a fun occasion more fun is through toys!

Grab one of these toys for your kids to celebrate the Chinese New Year with everyone else in the world right in your own home!

Chinese New Year Paper DragonChinese New Year Paper DragonLEGO Lunar New Year TraditionsLEGO Lunar New Year TraditionsChinese Drum For Sensory LearningChinese Drum For Sensory Learning


Recommended Chinese New Year Activity Kits

Junior Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Chinese New Year

Want to teach your kids more about the Chinese new year? Grab these Chinese new year worksheets for a research based activity for your students to learn more about this popular holiday in China.

Dragon Hand Puppet Craft Kit

Get this craft kit for your kids to learn about this legendary animal while practicing their fine motor skills.

Which Zodiac is Chinese New Year 2023?

Chinese New Year 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit or Hai Ma in Mandarin. The Rabbit symbolizes luck and good fortune.

It is believed that those born under this sign will be blessed with wealth, success, and recognition during their lifetime due to the protection of the Four Celestial Emperors.

The year of the Water Rabbit is a kind-hearted time when families come together to celebrate friendships and strengthen connections.

This is also a great time for lighthearted entertainment, such as singing and dancing. All of this will make for an exciting celebration to kick off the new year!

Chinese New Year Activities for Elementary Students

If you're an educator or a homeschool parent that's looking for fun and educational activities for your kid this Chinese New Year, take a look at this list.

From building lanterns to creating homemade dragons, there are a ton of great activities that you can do with your elementary students to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Try a few and see which ones your little learners enjoy the most.

Learning about other cultures is an important part of being a global citizen, so have fun while you’re doing it!

More Chinese New Year Activities

Lunar New Year Books for Elementary Students

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Kindergarteners will love this new and festive way to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Lunar New Year Dragon Craft

Lunar New Year will never be complete without the dragons! If you want to try making your own mini version of the traditional dragon dance, you have to try making this dragon craft with your little one! It’s easy and so cute!

Chinese New Year Crafts

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Chinese New Year Preschool Activities

Chinese New Year Play Date by Artsy Momma

Thumbprint Chinese Zodiac Craft by Fun Handprint Art

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