Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

Kids will love learning all about the life cycle of a groundhog with this interactive Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet. With fun illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and engaging activities for kids of any age level, it’s sure to be a hit!

Are you ready to teach your little one about groundhogs?

With this worksheet, children can follow along as they learn what baby groundhogs look like in different stages of their life cycle.

They’ll gain a better understanding of how much work goes into being a parent — even if they don’t have one themselves. Plus they’ll practice observation skills while having lots of fun too!

Get your groundhog worksheet below – I promise it won’t disappoint!

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Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

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Life Cycle of a Groundhog

Teaching kids about the life cycle of a Groundhog can be an educational and fun experience!

A newborn groundhog is typically born in a burrow- either a temporary one constructed by its mother or an existing den that has been used for generations.

As the baby groundhog grows, it moves through its adolescent stages to become an adult- capable of reproduction in about two years.

An adult groundhog has an average lifespan of 2-3 years and typically lives in wild habitats near ponds and streams. They enjoy eating grass, nuts, fruits, rats, birds, insects, and amphibians.

Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

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Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet Supplies

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Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

Recommended Groundhog Toys and Games

The best way to appreciate a groundhog is by seeing it up close either by cuddling a plush toy or playing games that are groundhog-themed! Grab one of these items to see if your kid appreciates the groundhog that tells us that springtime is near.

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Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet

By learning about the fascinating life cycle of a Groundhog, your child can gain insight into how living things survive in the wild and interact with their environment. Grab your copy of the Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet now!

You can have your child cut out the words to paste them on the correct area or older kids can write in their answers on the page themselves.

Download the Groundhog Life Cycle Worksheet below

Print out these groundhog life cycle pages to get to know more about these adorable little creatures that could be burrowing in your backyard.

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