Free Printable Science Worksheets for Kids

Well hello, summer! We’re going to be going full force this summer with science and why not start the summer off with some fun summer science ideas that will keep your kids learning over the summer so they’re not up to no good.

We do homeschool through the summer but put away our regular curriculum for more fun and messy projects since we can finally do things outdoors here in Canada.

For 10 days, you will be getting new printable science worksheets for kids on various topics. They are things that I think would fit well this time of the year in case you are studying oceans or the weather which is perfect timing for those topics.
Need help teaching science or want to jump into a new subject? Try these free printable science worksheets for kids and get tons of fun science printables.

Life Cycle Worksheets

Our first one will be about sea turtles, then you’ll have to check back each day to see what I have in store for you guys. I can’t wait.

Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

Learn more about these amazing sea creatures, they travel thousands of miles to visit their nesting grounds to lay their eggs. Baby sea turtles have huge barriers to make it to adulthood. Learn about the parts of a sea turtle and their life cycle stages.

Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

Take your child through the different life cycle stages of a chicken, then make a trip to a farm or petting zoo to see one up close.

Ladybug Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

See how ladybugs transform and turn from alligator looking larvae to their bright red colored adult bodies.

Plant Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids

From seeds to flowering plant, see how a bean plant grows and follow the life cycle of a plant.

Water Cycle Worksheets for Kids

See how water transforms all around us in this colorful water cycle worksheet.

Ocean Worksheets

Shark Worksheets

Learn about the different types of sharks that live in our oceans.

Whale Worksheets

There are tons of whales in our oceans in all shapes and sizes.

Solar System Worksheets

Planets Flapbook Printable

Fun facts about all of the planets in our solar system, make your own little booklet to keep track.

Space Worksheets for Kids

Explore the solar system with these fun assortment of space worksheets.

Human Body Worksheets

Parts of the Body Worksheets

Learn about the different parts of the body, label them and show me where they belong on your body.

More amazing science activities you won’t want to miss.

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Visit the other amazing bloggers in this series to see what tips they have to offer you, I know I’m going to be spending tons of time reading in the next two weeks.

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