Respiratory System Worksheets for Kids

These respiratory system worksheets will help you discover all of the organs and see how they work together. I’m still going strong with these science worksheets because they’re so fun to make. I’m also getting a refresher on some of this stuff which I haven’t looked at in a long while.

As you’re talking about the respiratory system, you could also go into respiration and photosynthesis and save that for your plants unit. I always like to discuss how we breathe in oxygen and then exhale carbon dioxide as a waste product.

These worksheets are a super simple way for the kids to learn about the body in an easy to understand why. It’s also a great way for us to work together and talk about everything as we’re going through the respiratory system. So much more fun than just reading words off a page in a book!

Respiratory system worksheets for kids

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Respiratory System Worksheets for Kids

I do like to tie this into photosynthesis because even though it is a waste product we have a symbiotic relationship with plants. We provide them with carbon dioxide while they produce oxygen for us.

The oxygen travels through our mouth or oral cavity, passes the pharynx, to the larynx then down the trachea to one of the bronchi, through the bronchioles into the lungs. Not pictured in the worksheets are the air sacs that are on the ends of the bronchioles called alveoli because they are too small to be pictured.

The diaphragm moves up and down as your inhale and exhale so it helps the lungs expand and contract.

Respiratory system worksheets

Children are so curious to learn about the human body and these worksheets are just perfect for them. They’re easy to use and fun to color and they’ll keep your child engaged and active in this activity.

I’m always impressed by how using worksheets like this that the communication and questions open up as well. With a visual worksheet like this, the kids will be more open to engaging and learning and we can literally sit for hours and talk about the human body.

In fact, they often want to learn more because they’re such curious learners. And as a mom who loves to teach, I’m more than happy to help any and all questions that they have.

Respiratory System Worksheets Supplies

You’ll just need to have a few supplies to get started on these simple worksheets.

Once you get started learning about the human body and all the components, you may find that your child doesn’t want to stop! That’s good news! The more they want to explore, the better!

human body respiratory system coloring page

Recommended Human Body  Resources

These options below can be great additions to your homeschooling environment or home learning that can teach them even more about the human body.

These are just another visual way to show the kids the wonder of the human body. Having different resources to use for learning is always a good idea.

 Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set With 24 Magnetic Pieces and Storage Tray Learning Resources Human Body Model SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body My First Human Body Book

Respiratory System Worksheets for Kids

Have some good reference books on hand to answer any of your child’s questions, and yes, there will likely be some that you won’t be able to answer.

You don’t need to know everything but you can look things up together. That’s all part of the fun! It also shows your child that it’s okay to not know everything and that learning is a lifelong process.

Respiratory system worksheets

Download the respiratory system worksheets PDF below:

Don’t delay! Make certain that you get your printables below! Let your little one start learning early in life all about the importance and function of the human body.

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