Skeletal System Worksheets for Kids

Who’s ready to learn about their bones and the skeletal system? I’ve been adding new worksheets for each of the body systems as I prep our lessons for next year.

These skeletal system worksheets for kids were next on the list. The great thing is that my son sees me creating the science worksheets and he has been asking a lot of body questions.

Do you like these worksheets? Check out my list of Skeletal System Activities for more ideas on what fun activities you can include in your homeschool skeletal system science lesson.

This is my favorite unit because you can get really hands-on and it applies directly to the student. Being able to sit down with your child and talk about the skeletal system is a really great learning lesson for all. (I even had some reminders of what certain bones were officially named!)

I found this great set of clip art to create my printables and they’re perfect for little ones or elementary kids. As you teach the different names of the bones, be aware that some of the details are not found in these worksheets.

skeletal system worksheets for kids

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Skeletal System Worksheets for Kids

There are so many great questions and topics that you can talk about when you’re working on these skeletal system worksheets for kids.

For example, as you learn about the legs in the arms, the radar and ulna are two separate bones that join the humerus to the hands but in the worksheets, it does not look that way.

The same goes for the tibia and fibula as well. Just be sure to point that out to your kids.

Take your time going through the skeletal learning worksheets so that they can see the bones and name them, too.

For more science worksheets, have a look at my list of Printable Science Worksheets for Kids.

Recommended Skeletal System Books for Kids

Add your favorite books about the skeleton or bones to get a bigger picture of how the bones in our body look like and how they work together with the other body systems.

These are just a few of the skeletal system books that we really enjoy reading together but if you search for others, there are plenty out there!

Sit down and go through the books with the kids as well. When we’re talking about different topics and ideas like this, I’ve found that family communication answers other questions that may come up along the way!

This is why I like to use a combination of drawn pictures and real picture books to help with their understanding and learning. It also is a great way to use the books in a fun variety of learning.

 The Skeleton Book: Get to Know Your Bones, Inside Out Inside Out Human Body: Explore the World’s Most Amazing Machine-You! The Body Book: Easy-to-Make Hands-on Models That Teach Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

To extend the learning lesson a bit, there are certain things that you can talk about regarding the human body.

Talk about how the skeletal system allows you to move, ask your kids to think about what it would be like to not have any bones.

Talk to them about all the things that they couldn’t do in their daily lives if they didn’t have any bones in their body.

You can talk about different activities in a way that has them think about what bones they are using. Have them talk about what happens to their bones when they run or when they’re sitting. Talk to them about using their bones when they’re playing sports.

Skeletal system worksheets for kids

How would you move your body?

Look at how the skeletal system protects our important organs like our brain, lungs, and heart.

skeletal system worksheets for kids

How many bones are in the body?

Babies are born with 270 bones in their body but as you grow into an adult, the bones begin to fuse together so by the time you’re an adult you have 206 bones.

Isn’t the human body truly amazing? There are so many aspects that are just so interesting to learn about!

Recommended Skeletal System Science Kits for Kids

For more hands-on action, get one of these human body kits to see how the skeleton can be viewed in its full form.

While worksheets are great, sometimes kids need to hold and touch it in their hands to fully grasp the concept.

These learning kits are such a fun way to keep that curiosity and education happening! When they can read the books and then use one of these tools or toys, they can then see what they read and learn even more! And who knows – this might just prompt them to want to do even more fun science learning at the same time!

 SmartLab Toys Totally Squishy From Head-To-Toe Evviva Sciences Human Skeleton Anatomy Model – 18 Inches Tall w/Base – Hands-On 3D Model Study Tool for Anatomy and Physiology Students – with Bone Identification Guide – Learning Kit for Kids Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set, Brain, Body, Heart, Skeleton, Classroom Demonstration Tools, Teacher Accessories, Grades 3+, Ages 5+ 4M Glow Human Skeleton Science Kit

Get the skeletal system worksheets along with the other human body worksheets below.

The best part about these worksheets is that they provide a really good base for learning all about the skeletal system.

If you like these worksheets, check out my list of skeleton preschool activities for a more fun learning experience.

More human body Activities

Now that you’ve tackled this topic, why stop? There are so many other great learning resources that you can easily set up for the kids! Below are just a few other resources that my kids have really enjoyed as well.

If you have young learners or ones in school, either of these options would be great for learning something new or introducing a fun new learning topic as well. Printables are great resources for kids of all ages!

Skeleton Activities for Elementary Students

For older kids, add these skeleton activities to make your skeletal system lesson fun and exciting.

Skeleton Craft for Kids

Build a skeleton with only cotton swabs – perfect for any age because it can be as simple or as detailed as possible

Muscular System Hand Craft

Create your own hand that you can move the fingers so that you can learn how the muscles and bones work together.

Preschool Human Body Printables

These printables are great for preschool learners and will prompt them to want to learn even more!

Skeleton Arts and Crafts

Learn the Skeletal System Unit Study by 3 Boys and a Dog

Skull and Bones Slime by STEAMsational


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