Circulatory System Worksheets for Kids

We’ve been learning about the human body and we’re slowly making our way through all of the body systems with my science worksheets. My kids are always asking about their bodies so these worksheets are going to come in handy when we’re ready to jump into our biology unit. Learn more about it with these circulatory system worksheets for kids.

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The heart is the main organ in the circulatory system. It has an important job to play and that’s to pump blood throughout our body.

All of the arteries are in red because they carry blood away from the heart and it has been replenished with oxygen.

The blue veins are all coming towards the heart because they are low in oxygen and this is what I tell my kids when we talk about the circulatory system.

I also like to discuss what’s in the blood but I’ll save that for our immune system discussion for now. While there are many smaller arteries and veins that branch off, I just focused on the larger ones here.

There are many activities you can do and discuss your heart rate while at rest and then after exercise, they’re some wonderful books to illustrate what you’re discussing as well.

My favorite is creating play dough models of organs so you can test what your child remembers.

Circulatory System Printable Worksheets

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Circulatory System Worksheets for Kids

See the major pathway of the circulatory system after you finish the coloring page.

How does blood travel through the body?

The heart is the engine of the body and is responsible for distributing blood that is oxygen rich to the rest of the body. The heart looks like a hollow organ but it has 4 chambers.

The right side receives blood that is low in oxygen from the body, it goes through the right atrium to the right ventricle than to the lungs to get oxygen. It then goes through the left atrium to the left ventricle and out through the aorta to the rest of the body.

When the blood leaves the heart it is at its highest pressure to ensure that it can travel to the rest of the body.

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Circulatory System Coloring Page

Recommended Human Body Books

Extend the activity and explore these amazing colorful human body books to get a better sense of how the entire body works together.

Always have reference books on hand to help answer your child’s questions. You don’t have to know everything but you can look up the answers together.

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To keep our heart healthy, we have to get a lot of exercise and eat healthy food that is low in fats. The arteries can start to get build up from the fatty foods we eat that can lead to blockages and heart attacks.

Exercise keeps our heart healthy and strong so that it can get blood to the rest of our body. Eating healthy food makes sure the arteries do not get blocked off.

circulatory system worksheets for kids

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