Nature Study Printables

The kids are going to have so much fun with these Nature Study Printables! They’re a fun and easy way to get them out and about and exploring nature.

Have fun exploring on a nature trail or even in your own backyard. Turn it into a learning activity and journal about what they saw while they were exploring. Stop and follow those ants, where did they go? What were they carrying with them? What did they look like?

Science doesn’t have to be all textbooks, enjoy the weather outdoors and have fun at the same time. Follow those ants, watch those ladybugs, sketch those flowers, whatever your kids desire.

My daughter loves flowers while my boys love bugs, you can make everyone happy outside. My daughter loves watering her flowers while my son loves watering our garden.

Be certain to check out my Types of Rocks Worksheets for even more fun learning ideas about things that are outside and in nature!

Nature Study Printables

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Nature Study Printables

Isn’t nature beautiful? And if we don’t get out and study nature and explore nature, we’re going to find that we start taking everything in nature for granted.

This is what I love about having printables about nature. It teaches us to slow down and take a look around. So many times we wake up and immediately start on screens or don’t take the time to enjoy the moment, and these printables can help overcome that feeling and emotion and have the kids take time to slow down and learn.

Nature Study Printables

Recommended Nature Books for Kids

Check out these awesome nature resources for your kids to learn more about nature. Your little bookworm will be glad to have these!

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: (Nature Book for Kids, Gardening and Vegetable Planting, Outdoor Nature Book) (Over and Under)Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: (Nature Book for Kids, Gardening and Vegetable Planting, Outdoor Nature Book) (Over and Under)Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural WorldNature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural WorldNature's Treasures: Tales Of More Than 100 Extraordinary Objects From Nature (DK Treasures)Nature’s Treasures: Tales Of More Than 100 Extraordinary Objects From Nature (DK Treasures)Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find?Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find?My First Nature Book: All About the Natural World for Kids (My First Book of)My First Nature Book: All About the Natural World for Kids (My First Book of)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (DK Our World in Pictures)Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Plant Kingdom (DK Our World in Pictures)


Nature Study Printables

The Importance of Nature and Kids

Having kids learn about nature is important. And while we can easily talk about nature, it’s just as important to make certain that we’re getting out and about and exploring as well.

This is because nature offers so many different and unique learning experiences for kids. Not only are there plants and trees in nature to explore, but let’s not overlook all the habitats and types of animals that are in nature as well.

Even more than that nature gives us all a way to connect and slow down and just breath in the fresh air. I’ve been using nature as an amazing way to find peace and calmness.

When it comes to the kids enjoying nature, you can rest assured knowing that nature is not only a fun place for them to run and explore but it’s also a great way for them to learn about their surroundings as well.

Nature Study Printables

Recommended Nature Activity Kits

Grab this Kids Outdoor Nature Activity Kit and let your child enjoy the outdoors collecting things from nature. For a nature indoor activity, get the Spring Garden Explorer Sensory Kit. Both are fun learning activities that kids will love.

Kids Outdoor Nature Activity Kit
Spring Garden Explorer Sensory Kit

Fun Ways to Learn with Nature

Learning in nature is an awesome canvas for kids. It’s like a blank slate that gives them so many chances to be creative and learn.

Some of our favorite ways to learn in nature are simple and easy to do! The kids love using their imagination as a way to be creative, too.

The easiest way to get the kids up and moving outside is to have them go on a nature scavenger hunt. This means that they can easily head out the door and find things around nature that are on a list or just random things that they find to be beautiful. Make certain that they’re not taking things that they shouldn’t – but this is a fun activity to do in your own yard!

Another fun idea is to have the kids use this nature printable to draw and write about what they see in nature. This will have each of the kids looking at nature in a way that works well for them so that they can write down what they see.

We also love to just get out and enjoy nature in any way that we can. The kids find great pleasure in walking trails, hiking hills, or grabbing the binoculars and peeking high up into the trees to see what they can see. I’ve also found that when I slow down and take in the sights of nature, I find so many cool and new things, too.

Nature can be a great way to explore outside of the four walls of your home. If you do homeschool, having an outdoor classroom area that the kids and you can go to is the perfect way to dive into unique and engaging ways of learning.

And when you have nature printables such as this, you’ll find that you can easily slow down and learn all about nature, too.

Don’t forget that books are a great way to expand on learning topics as well. If you can have a stack of books about nature, the kids can look at the pictures and then try and find those same objects out in nature as well! We tend to have a lot of books scattered in the rooms in our home and the kids always love to pick them up and read. Books are such a great idea on how to expand certain various learning areas.

Nature Study Printables

Don’t forget to grab your Nature Study Printables below!

These are great for any time of the year! The kids will love using these printables as a way to see new things and explore.

More Nature Study Ideas

If you’re fan of nature, make certain to check out these other great nature study resources, too. The more printables and activities that you can group together, the more that the kids are going to love learning about various topics.

All of these nature activities below are about nature but are still unique and different as well! Use these fun ideas as a simple way to create an entire lesson plan about nature. They’re fun and easy to do and are great for creative and supplemental learning.

Nature Printables

Pond Life Worksheets

Sunflower Life cycle for kids

Parts of a Flower Worksheets

Books About Plants for Preschoolers

Plant Activities for Elementary Students

Nature Study for Beginners — Embracing Destiny

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Free Nature Study Lapbooks – Amy’s Wandering


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