Fall Animals Lacing Cards

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Have fun with your child this Fall with these fun and adorable Fall Animals Lacing Cards! Certain to provide hours of educational fun.

You can get a copy to use at home with your little ones.These are great for fine motor skills and learning how to follow directions as well.

We have many lacing cards in different themes, but if you’re looking for autumn theme lacing cards, then look no further. These autumn animals’ lacing cards are really adorable and perfect to practice fine motors skills with as we head right into the wonderful season of Fall.

Aren’t fall animals just the cutest? They are so adorable and snuggly! Plus, they just seem to really fit in with the wonderful seasons. I love seeing cute little raccoons scurrying about during the Fall weather.

It’s a pretty safe bet that your little ones will agree and think that this Fall Animals Lacing cards are just too cute as well! 

These are a part of my week-long series, autumn animals worksheets for kids!

Fall Animals Lacing Cards

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Fall Animals Lacing Cards

Temperatures have dropped dramatically here and we have our winter coats, hats, and mittens out already. I have a confession to make: we don’t really handle the cold well in our family. We prefer warmer weather, but Fall is such a neat season that we tough through it! It’s so worth it! So why not change things up with the change in seasons?

Since we homeschool, we like to use the seasons as a fun guide and way to get excited about changes. This means that when it’s fall or autumn, we like to use our fall and autumn learning resources so that it changes things up.

Plus, these animal lacing cards offer a great way to talk to your kids about different animals, too. This means that while they’re working on their lacing skills and being creative, you can easily teach them to carry on conversations about what they’re working on as well. 

It’s a fun way to work together while they’re working independently, too. 

This set of printables is part of our Fun Fall Printables for Kids collection.

Recommended Fall Books for Kids

We love to read in our house and these are some of our favorite fall books to read. Pair up these simple and fun fall books with your animal lacing cards and you’ll have a fun-filled fall day full of fun-filled fall activities. 

One of my favorite things about the fall books for kids listed below is that they have really fun pictures in them and fun stories, too.

The books listed below are some of our favorite fall books and are ones that the kids will read over and over again. This makes for a fun seasonal reading option as well.

I tend to rotate out the books in our house so that the kids can read them and then want to actually read them again. I’ve found that if I leave the books out all year long, they won’t be drawn to them in quite the same way!

Check out some of our favorite books for fall!

Goodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnThere Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!Apples and PumpkinsApples and PumpkinsApples and PumpkinsWe're Going on a Leaf HuntWe’re Going on a Leaf HuntWe're Going on a Leaf HuntToo Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsThe Roll-Away PumpkinThe Roll-Away PumpkinThe Roll-Away Pumpkin

See how cute these animal lacing cards are? There’s no doubt that the kids are going to love using them and lacing them up over and over again! 

Since you just have to print out and get started, this is a fast and easy learning activity for the kids. It’s great to see them using their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination for this activity, too. They can easily lace through the holes over and over again!

Fall Animals Lacing Cards

To get this file, simply click on the button below, follow the instructions and check your inbox! Then print these out onto card stock, laminate them or cover them in contact paper, then hole punch them and they’ll be ready to go. Your kids will have a blast working with these Fall creatures!

Download your fall animals lacing cards below! 

More Fall Activities

You can also take a peek at my fall counting mats! Head into the Fall season with these adorable Fall animals counting mats which are great for toddlers and preschoolers. My daughter likes to place pom poms on top of the pictures and then use a dot marker to color in the circles on the numbers.

I think you will also love our fall counting cards. If you’re practicing counting with your little one then these math worksheets will be a nice way to bring fall into your homeschool.

Have fun this season with all these amazing Fall printables and worksheets for your homeschooling needs!

I love to have this in the car for when we’re traveling as well. The kids are always looking for something to do to pass the time on trips so why not give them an activity? Once you have things like this for road trips, they’ll find out that the travel time really does pass a lot more quickly!

Fall Pack by 3 Dinosaurs

Don’t forget to add in some other fun fall learning! This fall pack is full of fun learning activities for kids.

Fall Printable Bingo Game

Who loves Bingo? Everyone! This bingo game is perfect for family game night or a fun way to add in a game for the kids! We love playing Bingo and it’s a great way for the kids to learn a bit about friendly competition as well.

Lacing Cards for Fall

You can never have too many lacing cards so check these out and add them to your list. All you have to do is print and let the kids lace them up! These are great to have on hand to rotate out so that they can easily lace up different types of things so that it keeps the activity fresh and new.


  1. These are super cute! My toddler isn’t quite old enough for these yet but I will have to make them when she is ready.

  2. These are beyond adorable thank you for making these available! My girls love lacing cards 🙂

  3. These are adorable! My girls will love it! Many thanks for sharing with us at #OMHGWW


    1. I hope they enjoy them.

  4. About what age do you suggest for lacing cards? I have a 22 month old that is enjoying all the little tot school activities (printables) I’m finding and a 4 year old that does about 1/2 the time. I’m wondering if both girls could do these?

    I saved all your fall animals activities – thanks so much!

    1. Both of the girls could definitely do them but at a different level. I always had to help my 2 year old with them while my 4 year old could do it on his own.

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