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Lacing Cards for Fall

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Your child can never have enough practice when it comes to learning to lace, so these Lacing Cards for Fall are exactly what you need!

A great way to incorporate some fun fall elements to your homeschool is to create your own printable lacing cards and I have a fall-themed one which is the first of many to come. In our homeschool setting, we love to embrace all aspects of nature and seasons and incorporate them as much as possible.

Fall is such a beautiful season that using the leaves, pumpkins, and colors of these lacing cards makes it a really fun experience for all! We love to celebrate fall and find any reason possible to incorporate fun fall learning into our daily lives. 

If you need help with how to make your own lacing cards don’t worry! They are super easy to do with some different options. These are just one of the fun lacing cards projects that we like to do. 

Lacing cards are a great way for your little one to practice their fine motor skills or if you want to teach your older children how to sew. It’s a wonderful practice. Plus, you are teaching them skillsets that they will use throughout their entire life!

And this set of printables is part of our Fun Fall Printables for Kids collection, where you can find more fall-themed learning fun.

Lacing Cards for Fall

Lacing Cards for Fall

My toddler loves using these and using a shoelace to thread through the holes, she likes to use a random pattern. If my son works on these then he focuses more on a consistent pattern, either always going from the bottom or alternating by entering from the top and then the bottom.

Fall always calls for apple and pumpkin themes so these are a great addition to your fall studies. I know we enjoy visiting the pumpkin patch and picking out our own pumpkins so this is a great way to weave those themes into your homeschool. If you’re apple picking you can discuss the colors and types of apples you’ve found or eat. You can also go into how they are grown and other products they are used in.

The great part about using lacing cards in learning is that it teaches the kids to really focus in on what they’re working on and it works on their hand-eye coordination as well. I’ve watched this improve for my own children throughout the years so I know that it does work.

If you’re discussing leaves you can discuss what tree they came from and why they fall in the autumn season as they prepare for winter. You can also discuss the different parts of leaves and how they get their nutrients.

Fall Lacing Cards

Fall Books for Kids

Below you’ll find some of our favorite fall books for kids that are a great accompaniment to these fall lacing cards as well. You can even combine the two and read to the kids while they’re working on their lacing cards or split them up and read together.

I think that one of the biggest reasons that my kids have grown up to have a love of reading and books is because we’ve been reading since they were little. Even when they couldn’t read, they were able to sit down on my lap and we’d read a book together and look at the bright and beautiful pictures.

Ever since we started that habit, they’ve continued it as they’ve gotten older. Not only do they love reading but they really do love being a part of picking out the books that they’re wanting to read as well.

Since I’m big on using seasons as a way of learning, the kids find that there are so many great book choices to consider. The great thing about books about fall for kids is that there are some books that are great stories and other books that are full of real and beautiful fall pictures.

You’ll find a few of our favorite books about fall listed below that I hope you’ll love as well! I like to have quite a few choices on hand and swap them out to keep a good rotation fresh and new.

If you have other great book choices to recommend, let me know as I’m always looking for even more great reading options for the kids.

LeavesLeavesFletcher and the Falling LeavesFletcher and the Falling LeavesHello, Fall!: A Picture BookHello, Fall!: A Picture BookGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnThe Leaf ThiefThe Leaf ThiefFall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)Fall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)


Don’t forget to download your fall lacing card templates below!

Once you take the next step or process, you’ll get them immediately and the kids will get to start using them right away!

Get the Lacing Cards for Fall Here >>

More Fall Activities

You can also grab my autumn counting mats and autumn counting cards and puzzles. I love to have a lot of different options for the kids to dive into and learn. When I have more choices, it’s great for the kids to try and pivot easily.

I also have fall animals lacing cards as well. Print these off and use them in conjunction with the fall lacing cards so that the kids can have twice the fun! The kids really seem to like these animal learning cards because they’re unique and adorable! You can use these to talk about their favorite animals as well to open the lines of communication.

Fall Letter Find Printables

Check out these super fun fall printables! The kids can easily add them to their learning lessons for the day and have even more fall fun. Printing them off and having the kids dive in is great for helping with their learning confidence as well as their independence.

Preschool Fall Activities

If you have an early learner in the house, don’t miss out on these fall printables. They’re perfect for the younger age to dive in and have their own learning fun.

Fall Pack by 3 Dinosaurs


  1. These are really cute printables! Great idea to practice fine motor skills of young kids. Thanks for sharing this on Toddler Fun Friday.

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