How to Make Your Own Lacing Cards for Kids

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Printable lacing cards are a great way for your child to work on their fine motor skills. Depending on your child you could start using them with your toddlers all the way up to your kindergarten students as well. You can definitely purchase your own but they are really easy to make as well. They may not be as durable but they will do their job.

I created these lacing cards by tracing out the silhouette of the shape that I wanted from something I found online and printed out. Then I traced it onto card stock as well as cardboard, I used a cereal box. The card stock alone is not that strong so I wanted something that wasn’t so flimsy so I glued the card stock to the cardboard and then got out my trusty old hole puncher and punched away.

I tied  a knot at one end of the shoestring and pulled it through and handed it over to my daughter. She figured out what to do with it and started to loop it through the holes in different patterns. These ones were larger so more difficult for her to hold so I had to hold it for her. I’m going to make some smaller more hand size ones for her.


Super easy way to make your own printable lacing cards for kids

You could also laminate your card stock or printout and then whole punch it after wards. I don’t have a laminator but it’s definitely on my wishlist this Christmas.

If you don’t have a laminator you could try using contact paper which I’ve done in the past, it’s the next best thing, you just have to make due. My daughter loves using these and my son will also join in when he sees his sister playing with them as well.

If you prefer to purchase your own then take a look at these ones:

Have you made your own lacing cards?

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