Human Body Systems Worksheets for Kids

As I was working through the human body printables, I realized that I didn’t have a printable to cover all of the systems as an overview before we jump into each of them separately so I created these human body systems worksheets for kids just for that purpose.

I’ll be teaching our grade 3/4 homeschool co-op class this term so thought it would be a great way to start off the class. With these printables, you can use them any way you’d like.

I like to stress that each system has a very specific function and that each organ within the system also has a job.

You can go over each of the body system’s functions and depending on the age of the kids, decide what language or terminology would be most appropriate.

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Free Human Body Systems Worksheets for Kids you have to use with your kids to teach them about the different human body systems.

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Human Body Systems

Each system in our body has a very specific job to do, there are specific organs in the body that belong to a system that help it function.

These human body system worksheets include all 10 of the human body systems.

Excretory system – eliminates waste

Reproductive system – creates a new baby

Skeletal system – provides support, structure and protects your body

Digestive system – breaks down food to extract nutrients to help body grow

Muscle system – helps the body move

Circulatory system – blood carries oxygen from the heart to each cell of the body

Nervous system – the brain communicates through a network of nerves and receives messages from your senses and then tells your body how to react

Respiratory system – brings oxygen into your body

Endocrine system – a collection of glands that produces hormones that regulate different body functions like growth and metabolism

Lymphatic system –  a network of lymphatic vessels that keeps the bodily fluids in balance and fights infection

human body systems printables

For younger kids, you can use the printables as 3 part cards and have your kids match up the images with the corret body system.

For our co-op class, I had older kids so we turned them into a foldable booklet so they could take it home.

I love how colorful these graphics are and they show each of the systems in good detail for young learners without overwhelming them.

I’m also happy with how the skeletal system looks as the skull is not creepy, my daughter was always afraid of the skeleton pictures in our human body books.

Recommended Human Body Books

Try these human body books to accompany your study of the human body, they’re filled with wonderful colorful images that will help your kids visualize different areas of the human body.

First Human Body Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference Series)First Human Body Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference Series)Human Body: A Visual EncyclopediaHuman Body: A Visual EncyclopediaHuman Body (Discovery Kids)Human Body (Discovery Kids)

Human body systems worksheets for kids

Recommended Human Body Kits

Explore the human body further with these amazing human body kits. See where the organs are held within our own bodies. Challenge your kids to point out the anatomy on their own body as they find it on the models.

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human BodySmartLab Toys Squishy Human BodyThe Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human BodyThe Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human BodyLearning Resources Human Body ModelLearning Resources Human Body Model

The human body is filled with a lot of new vocabulary so I do love vocabulary cards that can easily introduce them to young learners.

You can also use these to help older kids with spelling the body system names on their own.

Human body system worksheets for kids

Download the human body systems worksheets below:

If you enjoyed these human body system cards, you’ll love my Human Body Activities for Early Learners, for more hands-on activities as you get to know how the body works.

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