Fun Fall Activities for Kids

Are you looking for some super fun fall activities for kids? Check out these great ideas that are perfect for a wide variety of ages! The more that you can do fun seasonal crafts and learning, the more that the kids are going to stay engaged and active as well.

We love having fun with fall ideas because the kids really do love fall weather. I love being able to use each season of the year as a fun base for learning and planning out some other really cool learning ideas.

Below is just a small sampling of all the fun fall learning that you can do with the kids! These are a great place to start and have so much fun!

>> If you love these fall activities, you’ll enjoy these fall printables for kids.

Fall Activities for Kids

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Fall Activities for Kids

Let’s just all agree that fall is such a fun time of the year! Not only are kids excited and active for fall fun but they’re also ready for things to do that are fall-related, too!

Below you’ll find a wide range of activities that are all fall-related. The kids will have a blast going through the list and having so much fun being creative!

Even though these are all about fall, they can easily do these anytime of the year as well. Seasonal activities are great but we always sprinkle them throughout the year. It keeps learning interesting and fun.

Recommended Fall Books for Kids

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some books! The kids will have a blast getting books and sitting down and just reading. It’s super fun to head out the door and read on a nice fall day.

We love heading outside to read because there are no bugs during the fall months! The weather is also perfect to pack up a picnic and go for a hike.

I’ve found that if I have a good mixture of books for the kids to choose from, they’re going to actually enjoy reading that much more. Breaking down book choices by seasonal content is a great way to keep them excited and wanting to learn.

Book rotation is also a big deal as it keeps the books new and fresh so that the kids can find something new to read. If you put all the books out at once, they’re not going to take their time and might just read through them quickly.

Here are some of our top choices for fall books for kids!

Fletcher and the Falling LeavesFletcher and the Falling LeavesThe Roll-Away PumpkinThe Roll-Away PumpkinToo Many PumpkinsToo Many PumpkinsGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnLeavesLeavesHello, Harvest MoonHello, Harvest Moon


Preschool Fall Activities

These activities are great for early learners! Not only will they give them the chance to be creative but they’ll get to work on their confidence skills at the same time.

Fall Sensory Bin Ideas

Work on your little one’s sensory skills while having a blast playing with these fall sensory bins! There are tons of great ideas that are perfect for kids who love the season of fall.

Fall Fine Motor Fun with a Muffin Tin

Working on fine motor skills is always a great learning resource. The kids will have a ton of fun working their way through this fun activity.

Fun Fall Books for Kids

Need even more book ideas? Here are some other great books for the kids to be able to sit and read!

Fall Books for Preschool

Spark imagination, explore seasonal changes, and create cherished reading moments with engaging characters and vibrant illustrations that will elevate your kids’ love for reading.

Fall Leaves Play Dough Invitation

What better way to celebrate this inspiring season of fall than by inviting your kids and the entire family to make a fall theme play dough activity out of them?

Fall Fine Motor Activities for Preschool

These autumn-themed activities can help parents and children bond while teaching essential skills like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and creativity.

Fall Science Activities

Science and STEM activities are what learning fun is all about. Check out these great fall activities that will have the kids wanting even more science fun.

Fall Sensory Preschool Activities

Sensory skills are important and are so great for young learners. All of these sensory activities are fun for the kids to do to help them learn and explore.

Fall Activities for First Grade

Fall is the perfect time to explore and use their five senses to discover new things. You can also get creative at home with different art projects your kids will love.

Interactive Fall Math Activities

Check out these fun math activities! The kids will be able to be a part of the math learning which will keep them interested and invested in learning.

Candy Corn Counting Activity

Have some extra candy corn lying around the house? Put it to good use and use it as a learning tool!

Fall Leaf Butterflies Craft

Using the leaves is a fun way to have the kids create some beautiful works of art. Find out how simple it can be to create a fall butterfly!

Sensory Shaving Cream Fall Art

Let the kids have some fun with messy play! This will get them digging into the shaving cream and having a blast!

Fall Lego Challenge Printable

This fall activity is perfect for kids who love Legos. I’m sure they’ll have an awesome fall season with this fall Lego challenge.

Fun Fall Felt Activities

If you have some felt in your house, that’s all you need to get started with this activity!

Fall Science Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers will love these science activities and experiments. Perfect for fall!

Fall Activities for Kindergarten

Do you want your kindergartener to enjoy the fall season while learning? Check out this list of fun fall activities for kindergarten.

Fall STEM Activities

STEM activities are fun and these fall-themed STEM activities are even more exciting!

Fall STEM Activities for Kindergarten

Unleash your kindergartener’s inner scientist this autumn with our Fall STEM Activities for Kindergarten! Dive into these fun, educational projects and turn this fall season into a time of discovery.

Fall Tree Craft with Pom Poms

If you are looking for a very easy but fun activity for your little one, you should try this super cute fall tree craft with pom poms.

Fall Coloring Pages

I bet your kids will be more excited about fall with these fall coloring pages.

Fall Math Activities for Preschoolers

Get your preschooler excited about math this fall with these fun and educational homeschool math activities!

Fall Math Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarten math will be awesome with these fall-themed worksheets.

Fall Science Experiments for Kindergarten

If your kids love science, it’s best to incorporate these science experiments into your homeschool fall unit.

Best Fall Books for Elementary Students

Cooler weather means it’s cozier to just snuggle up and read a great book. So check out the best fall books in this list and grab a couple for your child!

Fall Activities for Elementary Students

With these exciting fall-themed activities, your elementary-grade student will never get bored during the fall season.

Fall Activities for Toddlers

Are you out of ideas on how to keep your toddler occupied while learning this fall? Try these fun fall activities and let your kids enjoy the season!

Recommended Fall Toys

Check out some of these fun fall toys for the kids! They’re great for learning and play and are great for any time of the year. You can also use these toys as educational gift ideas for kids, too!

From puzzles to sensory activities, there are some great choices here that would add to any learning experience at home!

Bits and Pieces - 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - Autumn Oasis II - 300 pc Fall Scene Jigsaw by Artist Alan GianaBits and Pieces – 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults – Autumn Oasis II – 300 pc Fall Scene Jigsaw by Artist Alan GianaSupla Fall Tree of Thanks Craft Kit Felt Fall Tree Board with 52 pcs Detachable Autumn Leaf Ornaments Autumn Bulletin Board for Kids Classroom Craft Thanksgiving ActivitySupla Fall Tree of Thanks Craft Kit Felt Fall Tree Board with 52 pcs Detachable Autumn Leaf Ornaments Autumn Bulletin Board for Kids Classroom Craft Thanksgiving ActivityManhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity CenterManhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity CenterJellycat Amuseable Acorn Stuffed PlushJellycat Amuseable Acorn Stuffed PlushAcrylic Fall Table Scatter Tactile Sensory Toys Set - 220pcs Sensory Toy Set 5 Color Acrylic Gems Fine Motor Skills Toys, Great for Toddler to Counting, Sorting, Rewards Prizes and Festival DecorAcrylic Fall Table Scatter Tactile Sensory Toys Set – 220pcs Sensory Toy Set 5 Color Acrylic Gems Fine Motor Skills Toys, Great for Toddler to Counting, Sorting, Rewards Prizes and Festival DecorMunchkin Falls Toddler Bath ToyMunchkin Falls Toddler Bath Toy


Fall Leaf Slime by STEAMsational

Don’t forget that you need to add some slime to your day as well! This fall slime is fast and easy to make and the kids will love playing with it. Slime play is always fun!

Fall Pack by 3 Dinosaurs

You can never have too many fall or autumn learning activities. Here are just a few other ideas that the kids can start doing right away!

Salt Crystal Leaves Science Experiment by STEAMsational

Make sure to try this unique science activity. Seeing the process from start to finish is really cool but having the kids jump in and do it themselves makes for an amazing learning experience.

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