Fall STEM Challenge Cards

The fall season is here, you must be looking for fun ways to engage your kids in learning this season. Well, I’m excited to share my Fall STEM Challenge Cards with all of you.

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The printable STEM cards below are perfect for kids in grades 1 to 3, and they will provide hours of fun and learning opportunities for your family. Let’s dive into what these STEM Challenge Cards are all about.

Fall STEM Challenge Cards

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What Are STEM Task Cards?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM task cards are a set of cards with fun and engaging activities that encourage kids to apply these subjects in real-life scenarios.

These activities are designed to be hands-on, problem-based, and inquiry-driven. STEM task cards are a great way to engage kids’ minds and encourage them to think critically, analyze problems, and come up with innovative solutions.

These cards are perfect for homeschooling parents, as they can be easily added to their lesson plans and used as a tool to enhance kids’ learning experiences.

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Fall STEM Challenge Cards

Fall STEM Challenge Cards Supplies

  • Printer (I have this one)
  • Paper/Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Other supplies needed for each task

I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s still running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink-ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

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Fall STEM Challenge Cards

What’s Included in The Printable Fall STEM Challenge Cards?

My printable Fall STEM Challenge Cards consist of 5 pages, each with 8 fall-themed STEM challenges and another page with printable cards for you to write in with challenges if ever you have more in mind. These challenges encourage kids to explore, experiment, create, and have fun while learning.

The challenges include building a leaf-catching contraption, creating a symmetrical fall art using fallen leaves, experimenting with gravity using different-sized apples and a ramp, and more!

Each challenge comes with easy-to-follow instructions to execute a fall-themed STEM challenge that will later encourage thinking and reflection. With these printable cards, your kids will have a blast while learning about STEM subjects.

Fall STEM Challenge Cards

STEM activities are an excellent way to engage kids in learning while having fun. With my Fall STEM Challenge Cards, your kids will have the opportunity to explore, experiment, create, and learn about STEM by using fun and engaging fall-themed activities.

These printable cards are perfect for homeschooling parents, and they can easily be added into lesson plans to enhance the learning experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these STEM Cards and watch your kids’ minds flourish!

Download the Fall STEM Challenge Cards below

Print out these fall STEM challenge cards and get creative with these cool autumn ideas.

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