Fall Leaf Butterflies Craft

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The kids are going to love this simple fall leaf butterflies craft! It’s so creative and easy to do!

If you’re headed outside for a nature walk, why not bring home some leaves and have a little fun with them, create your own fall leaf butterfly craft.

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While you’re outside, collect leaves of different colors along with grass, you could even grab flowers and other colorful plants as well. Be sure to grab leaves of different sizes.

My daughter loves bringing home rocks from the beach and we’ve been pretty good about being able to find fossils in some of them. She knows her big brother loves fossils so she gives them all to him.

Creating fun objects from nature is a great way to be creative and use imagination as well. Instead of looking at something as just a leaf, or just a rock, why not look at them as fun ideas to build something new and unique? 

Crafting time is supposed to be full of fun ideas so why not use nature and make it happen! 

Fall Leaf Butterflies Craft

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Recommended Fall Books for Kids

These are some of our favorite fall books to pair up with this fun Butterfly leaf craft. While the kids are creating and crafting, you can read them a few of these fun fall books. 

Anytime that you can combine reading with crafting and learning, it’s always a great combination! 

Fletcher and the Falling LeavesFletcher and the Falling LeavesThe Roll-Away Pumpkin: A Wonderful & Whimsical Book for Kids! Perfect for the Fall or Autumn Season, Halloween, & Thanksgiving!The Roll-Away Pumpkin: A Wonderful & Whimsical Book for Kids! Perfect for the Fall or Autumn Season, Halloween, & Thanksgiving!Goodbye Summer, Hello AutumnGoodbye Summer, Hello AutumnFall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)Fall Mixed Up (Carolrhoda Picture Books)LeavesLeavesLeaf ManLeaf Man


Fall Leaf Butterflies Craft

Being able to create using things from nature is the best. We love walking out our front door and seeing what we can find just lying around in our yard.

We’ll gather up those items and then lay them out on a table, one by one. Next, we pick up, examine, and look at everything that we’ve found.

Once we have a good idea of all our goods, we make a plan on what we’re going to craft and create.

And when it comes to fall leaves, it just makes sense to turn them into amazing, beautiful, and colorful butterflies!

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Fall Leaf Butterflies Materials

You don’t need a ton of materials to get started, but here are the main ones that you’ll need to gather and supply yourself.

And if you want to do this craft over and over again, it’s a great way to get the kids outside and exploring nature, too! Choose different colored leaves so that the butterflies look different in color and choose different sizes of leaves as well. 

The kids can make big butterflies and small butterflies and have so much fun doing so! 

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  • Various leaves from nature
  • Stems
  • Pine needles
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Leaf butterflies craft for kids supplies

Instructions to make this leaf butterfly 

  1. Head outside and find various sizes, colors, and shapes of fallen leaves.
  2. Grab some stems and pine needles.
  3. Lay the pieces out on white paper and form your butterflies. Use stems as the body and pine needles for antennae
  4. Glue pieces into place.
  5. Allow time to dry.
how to make butterflies with leaves

The craft can be mounted in a photo frame and given as a gift. My daughter loves creating things so I know she can’t wait to find more leaves again. I can’t wait until the leaves turn those gorgeous red and orange colors, this would be a great project for that time.

Don’t forget these book recommendations that are perfect to accompany this fall craft. We’re big readers in our house so we always have a stack of books on hand for reading time! 

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