31 Days to Better Homeschool Planning

Are you a new homeschooler and not sure where to start? This 31 days to better homeschool planning will get you on your way.

No matter what is going on in the world, schooling still needs to happen. And if you’re needing a few simple tips and a little bit of guidance, this is what this post is for.

During the summer I know all of you are enjoying your time outside with your children, but there is some serious work that still needs to be done while school is out. This is crunch time for those who are homeschool planning.

Some people even homeschool all year long so this is why being able to plan ahead is a very important process.

As a new homeschooler, this task can seem daunting, but when you break things down and take it one step at a time, you can do anything.Are you overwhelmed with homeschool planning? Get organized and get your homeschool lessons on track with these 31 tips for homeschool planning.

31 Days to a Better Homeschool Planning

When it comes to homeschooling, the entire process might feel entirely overwhelming. And it’s understandable as to why.

Whether your child has ever went to public or private school before or is starting out on their schooling journey with homeschooling, there really are a lot of things to think about to be prepared.

But before jumping in with both feet, understand that it’s okay and normal to feel as though you might be a bit lost. This is where the posts below can actually be a huge help in helping you to find your place and create your own homeschooling journey.

  1. Does Your Homeschool Have a Mission Statement?
  2. What is My Child’s Learning Style?
  3. How to Create a Budget That Works + Free Printable
  4. How to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum
  5. How to Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum
  6. How to Buy and Sell Used Homeschool Curriculum
  7. What are Your Homeschool Goals?
  8. How to Create a Monthly Homeschool Schedule
  9. How to Create a Weekly Homeschool Schedule
  10. How to Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule
  11. 5 Ways to Tell That Your are Doing Too Much in Your Homeschool
  12. What Extracurricular Activities Can Your Child do in your Homeschool?
  13. How to Evaluate What is Working in Your Homeschool
  14. 3 Ways to Keep Your Homeschool Organized in 1 Hour a Day
  15. How to Use the Library Effectively for Your Homeschool
  16. How to Keep Track of Your Homeschool Curriculum
  17. How to Organize Your Audio and eBooks
  18. How to Plan Interest-Led Studies
  19. Why You Should Ditch Your Homeschool Curriculum
  20. How to Create a Reading List
  21. How to Organize Notebooks and Binders
  22. How to Organize Your School Supplies
  23. How to Organize Your Homeschool Room
  24. Best Time to Plan for your Homeschool
  25. Planning for the Unexpected
  26. Digital or Paper Homeschool Planner?
  27. 5 Meal Planning Tips for the Homeschool Mom
  28. When Things Don’t go as Planned
  29. How to Keep Your Sanity: Tips for the Homeschool Mom
  30. 7 Time Management Tips for Homeschool Moms
  31. The Best Homeschool Planning Tips From Moms

Tips for Learning How to Homeschool

Just remember to take your thoughts day by day. Homeschooling is an awesome experience that can really have amazing results. If you start to feel overwhlemed at any point in time, make certain to reach out to others in your area that are homeschooling, too.

Or use the Internet and connect with other Homeschooling groups on Facebook as well. There are a lot of parents out there who are starting out and looking for a way to make a plan, just like you.

You aren’t in this alone and shouldn’t ever have to feel like you are!

Everything that you need to ensure that your homeschool year is planned out the best as it can be so you don’t have to worry during the school year.

I’m not the only one in this series, there are 26 other bloggers with their own 31 days series, be sure to head on over to their sites for more tips.

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