Why You Should Ditch the Homeschool Curriculum

After all this homeschool curriculum talk, you must think I’m crazy when I say it can be totally fine if you ditch that homeschool curriculum this year. Yes, I said it. You don’t need the best most awesome homeschool curriculum out there on the market, you can create your own. If you’ve been following my 31 Days to a Better Planned Homeschool, we’ve chatted about saving money on homeschool curriculum and creating a budget that works.Can't find the perfect homeschool curriculum? Well there isn't one, have you thought about creating your own? Why you should ditch the homeschool curriculum   Follow their interests You can create interest-led studies based on what your child what like to learn. Imagine how powerful and excited your child will feel as they help shape their homeschooling journey and they’ll truly love what they’re learning. I’m not saying you need to ditch it all together but maybe you could start with one subject. I like doing this with science and history because it’s easy to study a specific topic and they’re so many options to choose from. This is easier to do if you feel confident in teaching that subject. I’m a science graduate I love teaching science because it’s interesting with fun messy projects. My weakness is in language arts so I use a curriculum for those subjects that I need help with. No one said you had to ditch everything at once. Do what you are comfortable with. Save money on curriculum Who says you have to buy that huge curriculum, create your own and make it as frugal as possible or you can go all out. You have the freedom to choose where your money goes, do you want it to go to books or perhaps a trip to the aquarium or a new microscope. You decide and do the best you can with your own budget.   Create a life long learner Homeschooling doesn’t have to be like school at home, make it your own. My goal is to create a life long learner, someone who thoroughly enjoys learning new things and doesn’t stop when school is over. Follow along in my 31 Days to a Better Planned Homeschool series.  31 days button 300   You’ll also want to check out the other 26 bloggers in this series as well and join our Homeschool Tips 4 Moms Facebook group if you’d like to connect with other homechooling mothers.


  1. We have, in a sense, adopted this mindset in the last year!

    It has been life changing for everyone including momma!

    Our children LOVE school time now and ask to do more when we’ve done everything I’d planned for the day.

    It is freeing to break away from the “curriculum mindset” but it takes time for sure! once you get over the initial intimidation of it you’ll find it’s rather easy!

    Great post!!!

    1. Exactly, I think everyone can get too obsessed with having the perfect curriculum and forget that learning can take place outside of books.

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