7 Time Management Tips for Homeschool Moms

Do you feel like you’re spinning so many plates in the air, you’re bound to drop something? We do it all, cooking, cleaning and homeschooling. It can seem overwhelming, enough to make you cry.

These 7 time management tips for homeschools moms will only help you if you become proactive and start to make changes today.

You may work outside of the home, or may be a work at home mom like me. How can you be sure to find the time to get it all done without sacrificing the time with your children?

We’re almost finished with the 31 days to a better planned homeschool series, yippee. We’ve discussed a lot and we have two more posts to go. I’m looking forward to a blogging break though it won’t be long at all. How can you find the time to do it all?

Stay on track throughout your day - time management tips for homeschool moms you don't want to miss

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Create boundaries

Ensure that you create boundaries for yourself for your work and your homeschooling, don’t stay up late into the night planning or on social media. If you wake up tired and miserable, no one is going to have a good day. Realize that you need to be on point for everything to go smoothly, take care of yourself and by creating boundaries you’re putting yourself right on up there of the priorities list along with your kids.

Create a daily to do list

Use an app, planner or sticky note, what is your to do list for today. Write it all down including your cleaning task, outings and such so you don’t forget anything. Then attack the most difficult tasks first, if you leave them last on your list, it’s likely that they won’t get done at all.

Focus on your priorities

What needs to happen now versus later? Email and social media can wait, get the kids on their way with school and use those quiet afternoon times for your work as your sit alongside your child. If not you may have to leave it for the evening when the kids have settled in. I know I can’t get any writing done during the day so I work on other tasks during the day and save my writing for when the kids are in bed.

Get organized

Ensure that you have a plan for your meals the next day so you’re not scrambling around the kitchen trying to figure out what you’ll be making the next day. Leave your homeschool room organized at the end of each day so that you are not searching for things when you start up the next day.

Eliminate electronics

It can be a huge time suck to constantly be checking email or social media, you really need to ensure that you’ve placed limits on your electronics usage. Set an example for your kids. It’s so easy to sit at the computer and come off hours later and realize that you haven’t completed anything on your to do list because you have 10 tabs open and your attention is divided between so many things.

Set a timer

If you have task to complete, set the timer for the alloted time and work to complete it by the alarm. This pushes you to be more productive and avoid things that suck up your time. When I work on the computer I use the chrome app, Strict Workflow, I added all of my social media sites, and email addresses to it. I work for 25 minutes and I’m locked out of all of those sites. This gives me 25 minutes of concentrated work and then you get 5 minutes of access to all of those sites. This is the best invention ever. I have my son use this as well so that he’s not tempted to go wondering around Youtube when he knows he should be getting his work done.

Get the kids involved

You are not alone in your home, get your kids involved with the meal prep and clean up. All of the kids have zones that they are responsible for so when it needs to be cleaned up, I know who to turn to. Older chidren get more responsibilites but that doesn’t mean your littles should be left out. They too can have little jobs to help you out around the house. My 3 year old loves sweeping and helping mama in the kitchen. She puts all the utensils from the dishwasher away.

Thank you for sticking with me through this series, I’ll be working on getting all of these posts into an eBook with some more tips and tricks for you homeschooling mothers so keep an eye out.

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