Planning for the Unexpected

Are you tired of homeschool planning posts yet? Me neither. My 31 days to a better planned homeschool series is coming into the home stretch with this being the last week of July. I’m kind of sad but welcome a break that I’m going to take after this so I can really jump into my planning then. 

If you’re keeping records, I think to give yourself a breather and take away a lot of stress, you need to allocate some sick days into your homeschool plans. How many weeks do you have to homeschool? I’d figure 2-3 weeks should be taken off for sickness and unexpected interuptions. Things happen, kids get sick, family issues arise, weddings or travelling need to take place to be that are out of your hands. 

What can you do to lesson that stress? Plan for the unexpected. If you have to homeschool for x number of weeks, make your homeschool plans for x-3 weeks so that when things do come up then you won’t stress when your schedule changes.


Flexible planner

If you’re a paper planner, make sure you’re using pencil to write in, I love a great paper planner but having to cross out my plans can be stressful and gets pretty ugly. Use a digital planner if you’d like to be more flexible and change things as needed. I simple excel sheet could do everything you need.

Add a free day

Because we homeschool year round, I homeschool my younger children 4 times a week with a lighter free day on Friday. I leave this open for unfinished work, messy projects, or science experiments. When they’re older it’s left for art and other things we consider not a part of our regular schedule ie. the basic stuff.

Don’t stress

Homeschool plans are not set in stone, they can be changed and will always need to be adapted. Don’t stress over it and move on. No plans are perfect. The important part is what is implemented. Did your children learn something new today? Well, then you’ve done your job.

Follow along in my 31 Days to a Better Planned Homeschool series. 

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