When Things Don’t Go as Planned

So you’ve created these amazing plans, what happens when or if they get shattered? This 31 days to a better planned homeschool series is all about planning but what happens when they get thrown out the window? It does and can happen to you. You’ve picked out the perfect curriculum or you were sure they were going to love that read aloud, or your science curriculum is a dud.  No matter how much research you do, curriculum may not be a good fit for your family after you’ve used it for two weeks. Or you signed them up for an activity and now they’ve decided they hate it. What do you do? don't-go-as-planned Breathe Just breathe, homeschool plans can fall through, it can and will happen to you. Don’t fret, take a breather, have some chocolate. You are not alone. Regroup You’ve purchased an expensive curriculum that you just hate, now what? See how you can turn it into a blessing, sell it, expensive curriculum usually has a higher used price tag so see if you can recoup some of that lost. It’s no one’s fault, don’t take it out on your child. Homeschooling can be a trial and error process, you just have to figure out what works for you as a family. Take a break Lay off the curriculum and enjoy some reading, copywork or watch a ton of documentaries, head on outdoors and go on a nature walk. Add something fun Do something fun, a mess project or a field trip, remember that learning doesn’t always have to take place in books. Get outside and explore. New plans Yes, you will need to create new homeschool plans, but suck it up, it’s a part of the process, and you’ve now discovered something that doesn’t work for your family. One more thing to stay away from. Celebrate the fact that you get to look for something else and open your eyes to new ways to learn so that it will work for you all. Have you seen my printables for homeschool goals or daily homeschool schedules? Follow along in my 31 Days to a Better Planned Homeschool series.  31 days button 300   You’ll also want to check out the other 26 bloggers in this series as well and join our Homeschool Tips 4 Moms Facebook group if you’d like to connect with other homechooling mothers.

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