Digital or Paper Homeschool Planner

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What kind of planner do you want to use for your homeschool? Do you prefer a binder or a digital planner in a spreadsheet like excel? There are pros and cons to each but each person really has their own preferences and there are so many options now, it’s amazing. If you’ve been following along in my 31 days to a better planned homeschool series, we’ve discussed the best time to homeschool plan and how to organize your homeschool room if you’ve missed it. I do most of my homeschool planning in an excel spreadsheet set up with the dates of the week on the side and all of my subjects listed across the top. It’s super easy to see what I need to do each week and it’s also easy to change things around if needed. I haven’t found an online program that has met all of my needs and that is simple to use so I don’t have any listed here.

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Digital Planners

Online programs may come with a monthly or yearly fee, if you create your own, this would be the more frugal way to go. It’s also a lot easier to customize and make changes as needed. It’s also easy to copy and paste material if needed. Pros:
  • easy to make changes
  • customizable
  • free if create your own
  • need to be on a device
  • difficult to locate
  • must be printed if want physical copy

Paper Planner

While I love my excel spreadsheet, nothing beats writing out your plans and then checking them off. I use my excel sheet to plan my homeschool year, but write out our weekly schedule to keep track of things and nothing beats physically checking off a task on your to do list. Pros
  • can write out plans
  • easy to add to
  • physical copy of planner
  • tedious to write out
  • difficult to make long term changes

Get your homeschool organized but what do you need and digital or paper homeschool planner? Read the pros and cons of each type of planner Paid homeschool planners

The Unorganized Homeschool Mom Planner – a printable planner that features a 2 page spread with plenty of room to write. Well Planned Day Planner from Hedua $26.95 – I have their blogging planner and it’s really well done. Weekly homeschool planner from Homeschool Creations $20

Free homeschool planners

Free Printable Homeschool Planner – in a fun pink and yellow theme Get more done in your homeschool with the free printable homeschool planner so you can stay on top of your homeschool day. Bring peace into your day and know what each child has to finish for the day. Donna Young – Free printables Free Homeschool Printables – Living Well and Spending Less You can also grab my printables for a daily, weekly and monthly homeschool schedule. Follow along in my 31 Days to a Better Planned Homeschool series. 31 days button 300 You’ll also want to check out the other 26 bloggers in this series as well and join our Homeschool Tips 4 Moms Facebook group if you’d like to connect with other homechooling mothers.

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