What is My Child’s Learning Style?

If you’re planning on teaching your child at home, it cannot be done until you figure out your child’s learning style. Well, it can be but it probably won’t end well and there may be lots of tears involved including your own. Hello, speaking here from experience here. What is my child’s learning style? It’s likely that you are one specific type of learner and you’re most likely going to teach your child that way as well. I’m an auditory learner so I like to teach using auditory methods, this really doesn’t work for my visual learner.
What is my child's learning style? Figure it out before you start homeschool planning
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Learning styles

Really observe your child, what do they like to do, what are their favorite activities, how do they respond best to you? Do they prefer to talk things out, can they remember things that they are told rather that what they see?

Auditory Learners

If your child can easily remember oral instructions, and responds well to your requests or directions they are more likely auditory learners. They love listening to you read, the may read slowly to themselves, they are natural listeners, and do well working through ideas via discussions rather than written work.

Kinaesthetic Learners

If your child learns through movement or by “doing” then you have a kinaesthetic learner. These children may figet or move as they are speaking or listening to you. They need frequent study breaks and they learn best while completing hands on tasks like building or experiments.

Visual Learners

Visual learners remember what they see and have a wonderful sense of direction. They think in pictures and have difficulty with oral instruction. They learn best using drawing as a tool, mindmaps and graphic organizers. They love picture books and can remember great visual details. What kind of learner do you have? It’s not always so clear cut because it is possible that sometimes children don’t fit into a specific mold but may draw from two of these characteristics. Only you will be able to tell as their parent. This will allow you to teach to their strengths to make learning wonderful for them, but you also want to work on their weaknesses as well. This will give them a variety of tools to help them learn independently. Follow along in my 31 Days to a Better Homeschool Planning series. 31 days button 300 You’ll also want to check out the other 26 bloggers in this series as well and join our Homeschool Tips 4 Moms Facebook group to keep the discussion going and chat with other mothers as well. homeschool tips for mom facebook group

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