5 Ways to Tell That You Are Doing Too Much in Your Homeschool

You have your curriculum and your homeschool schedule but it’s also easy to over schedule your kids and plan too much. This is 31 days series to a better planned homeschool is to give you a start to get your homeschool on track for the year. But just because you’ve created plans, doesn’t mean they are going to be perfect. When you jump into homeschooling, it’s easy to sign up for too many activities outside of the home that can bring distress to you and your family. Don't over commit your schedule, 5 signs that you are doing too much in your homeschool

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5 Ways to Tell that You are Doing Too Much in Your Homeschool 

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you take a look at your week and just feel tired from looking at it? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you haven’t even started your day? Are perhaps you are always rushing your child onto the next thing in order to finish everything in your plans.

Are your children overtired?

Do you meltdowns in the middle of the day that don’t have to do with food? Is your child combative or more defiant then they usually are. Maybe they’re not getting enough sleep and running around from activity to activity can be making the feel overtired. Perhaps your child is more pleasant on the weekends when things don’t move as such a fast pace. Ensure that your child is getting at least 8 hours of sleep and depending on their age even more as they are younger.

Has your child started slacking in school?

Related to the last point, if they are overtired you’ll see this manifest in their schooling. Are they not trying as hard or complaining about the workload that they are usually able to manage? If their schedule is crammed pack with schoolwork and outside activities, you’ll need to evaluate what should be a priority in your child’s life. Can they give up on one activity or take a break from it?

Does your child have free time?

What does your child do for fun? There should be time in your child’s day for them to relax and choose to do something of their choosing and I don’t mean a program or activity they’ve signed up for. I mean do they have time to draw, create or build? A creative outlet that doesn’t have any limits but their imagination, they need time to develop their passions. Is their time in their day for them to get outside and just be kids, play with their friends or ride their bike. We spend so much thinking they need this activity or these lessons to be a great adult, but play is important as well.

Do you have time together as a family?

If there isn’t time in your day to sit down together and read or talk or discuss your day, then you have a problem. If your family’s schedule is too crazy that you don’t have time to spend quality time together then please evaluate that you can do to make sure this happens. Don’t spend your time shuffling from one activity to another, read, play and build together so that those are the memories that will stick in your child’s mind. Take a look at my other posts on How to Create a Monthly Schedule or What are Your Homeschool Goals? Follow along in my 31 Days to a Better Planned Homeschool series.  31 days button 300   You’ll also want to check out the other 26 bloggers in this series as well and join our Homeschool Tips 4 Moms Facebook group if you’d like to connect with other homechooling mothers.

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